12 Historic Icons who Lived a Debauched Lifestyle

People who go down history either did something really good or really evil. It’s sort of the legacy they leave behind for the next generations. But these 12 historic icons did not only contribute great things for the people but were also known or secretly (not anymore) living a self-indulgent lifestyle. Self-indulgent, feeding their carnal appetites and fooling around. This kind of lifestyle may not be shocking in our time now but even way back then the hedonistic lifestyle has been practiced, secretly or not. Some historic icons on this list may shock you. Want to find out who they are? Here the 12 Historic Icons who Lived a Debauched Lifestyle.

12. Hugh Hefner hugh hefner

Hugh Marston Hefner is the well-known adult magazine publisher, businessman, and a ladies’ man. Before being a successful magazine publisher, he used to be a former journalist for Esquire. He was also a WWII veteran. A self- made multi-millionaire, he is now worth over $43 million. Hefner is also a political activist and philanthropist active in several causes and public issues. Having him on the list may not be surprised as the whole world knows that he is famous for having multiple girlfriends at once, despite his age. It’s estimated that Hef has slept with 1,000-2,000 women over the course of his lifetime.

11. Grigori Rasputinrasputin

Rasputin may look more of like a serial killer with a terrible personal hygiene but this guy is popular with the ladies. Born Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, was a Russian peasant, mystical faith healer, and a trusted friend of the family of Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia. He saw serial allurement as some kind of ludicrous religious duty, as a result, he slept with basically every woman he could get his hands on. We wonder how many that is?

10. Wilt ChamberlinWilt_Chamberlain3

Wilton Norman “Wilt” Chamberlain was an American basketball player. He played for the Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. Before playing in the NBA, he played for the University of Kansas and the Harlem Globetrotters. Chamberlain was also a successful businessman, authored several books, and appeared in the movie Conan the Destroyer. He was a lifelong bachelor and became  notorious for his claim to have had slept with as many as 20,000 women. We’ll never know if that’s is real or not.

9. Vivien Leighvivien leigh

Vivian Mary Hartley, later known as Vivien Leigh and Lady Olivier was an English stage and film actress. She is known for her performances in the films Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire. According to her former husband, Sir Laurence Oliver, Vivien was a crazed maniac whose appetite was so ravenous that it eventually became problematic. She had numerous affairs, including random taxi drivers and deliverymen. Apparently, she was also fond of women. As for much of her adult life, she suffered from bipolar disorder.

8. Aleister Crowleyaleister crowley

Born Edward Alexander Crowley, was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He founded the religion and philosophy of Thelema. He was born to a wealthy Plymouth Brethren family and rejected his fundamentalist Christian faith to pursue his interest in Western esotericism. He practiced a type of carnal-fulfilling activity used in ritualistic and spiritual pursuits with the goal of bringing about some desired supernatural result. He gained widespread notoriety during his lifetime, being a recreational drug experimenter, individualist social critic, and even a Satanist. Doesn’t his devious stare creep you out a little?