12 Gorgeous Female Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Asian

#7 Michelle Branch

006--7-michelle-branch-636635Michelle Branch was at her peak during the early 2000s when she released a couple of top selling albums to very high praise. Her career has spanned numerous different music genres such as pop, rock, country, and acoustic. Her father is of Irish descent, and her mother is French and Indonesian.

#6 Kate Beckinsale

007--6-kate-beckinsale-636637Beckinsale is without a doubt one of the most stunning and talented actresses in Hollywood. She has acted in a wide range of different movies from “Pearl Harbor” to “Click” to the “Underworld” series. Despite being born in England, Beckinsale has some Burmese in her blood, from her father’s side.

#5 Kelis

008--5-kelis-b8159e1196b3093e06a947e0d5860697Kelis is a singer who is without a doubt most famous for her “Milkshake” song. However, she also has a large body of work in music beyond that. She has worked in a number of different music genres and is also a certified chef. She grew up in Harlem, New York, but is actually part Chinese from her mother’s side.

#4 KT Tunstall

009--4-kt-tunstall-695e0f781e62ac7fd05a54b658f707f9Tunstall is a beautiful singer, with beauty that matches her amazing and unique voice. Tunstall’s music is fairly unique, but she has many adoring fans and has won numerous awards for her work. Despite being born in Scotland, Tunstall is also half-Chinese as her mother is from Hong Kong.

#3 Cassie Ventura

010--3-cassie-ventura-636643This lady is a physical embodiment of the term “triple threat.” Cassie is an amazing singer, dancer, and actress. She has had a successful album, acted in film and has modeled for a number of different companies. Her mother is of African-American descent mainly and her father is Filipino.