12 Gorgeous Female Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Asian


We like to think that we know everything about our favorite stars. Due to things like social media and TMZ keeping tabs on everyone, we feel closer than ever before. While this may be true in some regards, there are things we often still don’t know about our favorite celebrities. Included in this list is their race and family ancestry. While it is easy to tell for some celebs, it often is not for the lovely ladies included in this list. These 12 gorgeous female celebrities are actually of Asian descent, even though you may never have guessed it.


#12 Shay Mitchell

001--12-shay-mitchell-636620Shay Mitchell is a beautiful actress, best known for her role on “Pretty Little Liars.” In addition to that role, she has also appeared in a number of national commercials and is even an author. Mitchell’s father is Scottish and Irish, and her mother is a full-blooded Filipina.

#11 Vanessa Hudgens

002--11-vanessa-hudgens-636622Most of us became acquainted with Vanessa Hudgens after her breakout role in “High School Musical.” But since then, she has evolved and has been able to parlay that role into a successful acting career in other genres. This lady is a mix of a number of different ethnicities, including Filipino.

#10 Nicole Scherzinger

003--10-nicole-scherzinger-636624This gorgeous and exotic looking woman became famous as the lead member of the Pussycat Dolls. She achieved a ton of success with the group and has leveraged that into a successful career as a solo act, TV personality, and businesswoman. She is half Filipino on her father’s side.

#9 Norah Jones

004--9-norah-jones-d97532395635bb3b0f827b5a8c13ecceNorah Jones is an extremely successful singer/songwriter with a soothing voice. She is primarily a jazz artist, and has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and taken home 9 Grammy awards. She has a unique look to her, which largely comes from the fact she is half Indian.

#8 Naomi Campbell

005--8-naomi-campbell-49196e2c049f2699a2b9ff8925ee09e5Of all the fashion models on the planet, Naomi Campbell is arguably one of the best and most famous. This stunning lady is also an actress and recording artist in addition to being a supermodel. Believe it or not, but she is also of Asian descent as her grandmother is Chinese-Jamaican.