12 Famous Law & Order Cast Members Then And Now

featured-imageThe original Law & Order debuted in 1990 and ran for 20 seasons before wrapping up in 2010. Though the show has lead to numerous spin-offs, the original is still regarded as one of the most iconic procedural TV shows of all time.


The show made stars of its cast, most of whom have gone on to greater heights of fame in other TV and film projects. We’re taking a look at the top 12 Law & Order franchise actors — where they’re at now, and how they’ve changed over the years. Make sure you stick around for #2, one of the biggest stars to come out of Law & Order ever!


#12 Sam Waterson

001-12-sam-waterson-652942Sam Waterson enjoyed a successful 16 year run on Law & Order. He played the role of Jack McCoy, a district attorney in NYC. There is no doubt that Waterson was among the biggest reasons why this show continued to have success for so long. Since the show, Waterson now appears on Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

#11 Jesse L. Martin

002-11-jesse-l-martin-652977Jesse L. Martin played the role of Detective Ed Green. Martin was not only an amazing addition to the show, he was also among the first African-American actors on the show. Since then, he has appeared as a detective in The Flash and he has even been cast as Marvin Gaye in an upcoming movie.

#10 Chris Noth

003-10-chris-noth-652991Chris Noth has Law & Order to thank for turning him into a star. He appeared on the show from 1990-1995 as Detective Mike Logan. After his success on the show, he went on to star in Sex and the City, which garnered him even more fame. Since then, he had a recurring role on The Good Wife, which just ended.

#9 Benjamin Bratt

004-9-benjamin-bratt-653058Here we have yet another detective on the show. Bratt played the role of Rey Curtis before he left the show to pursue a career in the movies. This was also around the time he started dating Julia Roberts. The move worked well for him as he has appeared in a number of big films.

#8 Fred Dalton Thompson

005-8-fred-dalton-thompson-653082Before he was ever an actor, Thompson was a politician. In fact, he was actually a Senator from 1994-2003. It was in his final few months of service that he secured the role of Arthur Branch in Law & Order. After being on the show from 2002-2007, he attempted an unsuccessful run for President in 2008.