12 Famous Celebrities And The Straight-Up Bizarre Pets They Own


Celebrities often make us wonder what goes through their minds. Sometimes, they buy really ridiculous things, just because they can. They, of course, have to show it off, and we are left scratching our heads wondering why that was a necessary purchase. Some celebrities love a good Twitter rant, that of course starts a Twitter feud, and ends in some pretty entertaining Tweets. Some of them host insane over-the-top partiesĀ and wear really odd outfits. The outfits, we are told, are the latest in fashion… but no one else seems to wearing them!

As far as celebrity buying habits go, exotic and often bizarre choices in pets seriously sets them apart from the rest of us. Case in point, take a look at these 12 celebrities and the weird pets they own. Just wait until you get to #6!