12 Episodes Explaining Love

4- There Are Facts Around
Just Look Around

You look around, how it happened to others explaining love. It did not happen the same way to all. Life goes on and people take love along with their lives but I did not allow my bleeding love to be exposed. It is my love that was stabbed. I found that is not the way but I need to be human and realistic. Evil does not sit everywhere, there are people who enjoy being in love and being looked after well. Looking at others, I found new meanings of love. Let’s give it a try explaining love too.

5- Mr Right Approaches
Let Mr Right Arrive

I had kept the my treasure box safe allowing none to open or touch that some one approached me with his love. I saw his love , too had multiple injuries but he has taken care of that and he was more just with all sarcastic facts of life. He explained how he managed his life an dhow he dealt with facts face to face even with all repairs done to his heart. He talked sense, reason and logic.

6- But Fears Engulf Again
Give Him Space

I did  not want to have another episode of unbearable torment and explaining love again. What happened was enough and never again I could afford that. There was a generous offer but I was so possessive and never wanted to give it  a try again. I simply refused sharing my treasure box not even I allowed him to look into that.  I was so blunt that was not my nature too.