12 Episodes Explaining Love

Love is part of our lives but still a mystery while explaining love is an art. Perhaps lot many people explored it but still so much of it remains a new place. Love is true yet it makes you skeptic. Love is pervasive but still not accessible. Love binds you with your relationships but at many places it breaks relationships too. Every single soul chases loves and meets a different end on this planet. It is like a fire, it burns everything that comes its way. Love is a name of will. Where there is a will, there is a way. Love is to be here and not to be here. Love is cruel. Love is merciful. Love makes you brave. Love makes you fear of losing. Love is your best teacher. Love teaches you what life is all about. Life is about loving. And you still do not know what love is? Searching the answer of what is love, many theories are being formulated.

Some believe love is just a chemical reaction takes place in mind as hormones release. The theory believes love is operated with mind not heart. This is what science believes. Explaining Love tells us that it is different too. Shakespeare and his great tragedies never thought of such an idea of Explaining Love . For him, love starts from the heart and goes deep down to the spiritual level of human existence.

Interestingly the question, ‘what is love’ has been the most searched question on the Google in year 2012. Now, you can very well imagine, how important is the definition of love and finding answers. There is no one in the world who can deny love and its presence in their life. Love is not lust. It is a pure feeling of attachment between two individuals, there are no selfish gains in between. Many philanthropists who helped humanity were all selfless individuals are an example of true and pure form of love. The best possible definition of love could be anything that takes the process of Explaining Love

1- The Pull
Soul Mates Could Meet Any Time

Explaining Love, one can feel a pull anytime that turns out to be an attachment with somebody. I wondered how pretty life is but I could not peep into his heart knowing that we are attached. I started sharing big and small things, all from trivial to extreme, yes everything. I started feeling committed but just the partner turned out to be selfish, turned rascal and just stabbed blunt for no good reason. This happens to great couples too.

2- Reality Exposed
Every Body Makes Mistakes

Once stabbed, explaining love brings another episode for understanding love by circumstances. Innocence would yell looking at the one sinister act of a person turned bad. You are the best judge now. Try to settle down and look forward to future.

3- Would It Mean Avoidance?
One Bitten Means Always Bitten?

Suddenly, you perfect love story twists in a way that your partner breaks your heart, possibly the worst possible manner. Shocked and sensitive, you wont let it happen again and you won’t allow it again….it is your heart!

4- There Are Facts Around
Just Look Around

You look around, how it happened to others explaining love. It did not happen the same way to all. Life goes on and people take love along with their lives but I did not allow my bleeding love to be exposed. It is my love that was stabbed. I found that is not the way but I need to be human and realistic. Evil does not sit everywhere, there are people who enjoy being in love and being looked after well. Looking at others, I found new meanings of love. Let’s give it a try explaining love too.

5- Mr Right Approaches
Let Mr Right Arrive

I had kept the my treasure box safe allowing none to open or touch that some one approached me with his love. I saw his love , too had multiple injuries but he has taken care of that and he was more just with all sarcastic facts of life. He explained how he managed his life an dhow he dealt with facts face to face even with all repairs done to his heart. He talked sense, reason and logic.

6- But Fears Engulf Again
Give Him Space

I did  not want to have another episode of unbearable torment and explaining love again. What happened was enough and never again I could afford that. There was a generous offer but I was so possessive and never wanted to give it  a try again. I simply refused sharing my treasure box not even I allowed him to look into that.  I was so blunt that was not my nature too.

7- Perhaps I was Being Selfish
But I Was Too Selfish First

I was selfish and I was adamant that I won’t share my broken love with anybody in the world. I refused to accept any argument and I decided to stick to my treasure box and keep it sealed. I decided to live with my bitter memories for rest of my life. That is the final thing I had in mind. The hope turned around in despair and I finally looked at his heart which was speaking truth of this life. Perhaps he, too had a trauma like me.

8- Healing Starts, Hope Dawns
Wow, Let’s Give it A Try.

Just a sixth feeling that I too turned around to see him going and some force urged me to give him permission to share my treasure box. I said yes! Let’s do something. Let’s see what is the way out. Let’s try another hope. He was happy and somewhat stunned having the key to my treasure box where I had separated myself from rest of the world.

9- Let’s Do Something
Let’s Mend Our Ways To Win

He too returned, explaining love, turned the key to open my treasure box. He was so sure to look after his own mended heart but he kept working here and there. Now explaining love, I was not aloof. I felt some one else taking care of my heart. At least he was giving it a try. He did the best he could do.

10- Mr Right Did It Explaining Love
And He Managed To Mend

I saw him looking after me well. He helped me to regain myself to fitness again and he was enjoying every moment of his exercise. I was all on receiving end but I was feeling touch of life again. I was feeling that life is again instilled in me and I was back to normal within a new life of me and him and we were together.

11- Everybody Has Different Life Package
Test of Time

Life was treating both of us together. I was feeling little unstable with new adventures and new challenges in life. I saw him confidently taking life as a fact. Perhaps I needed his support as i was again somewhat shaky within my self too. I too felt vulnerable within myself and it was a new experience

12- We Finally Did It Together
Let It Happen and That Makes You Fly Again

Unconsciously explaining love, my hand was extended and he too extended his hand holding mine. His grip was soft, firm and helping. I was vulnerable first but later it all gave me strength and a feeling of togetherness and sharing of life with some one and our broken hearts too answered. Life was o more vulnerable. It was cool and good being together and that is how I found love again. That is what I mean that was explaining love and I found life again.

Wondering how heart heals and finds new soul mate explaining love? Well the story tells you there might be more than once true love affairs in your life. If one gets crashed then you can test your luck with another opportunity, or who knows, may be third one too. These funny memes manifests the basic human nature of finding love and retaining it forever. No matter, how selfish you become your desire for getting true love cannot be subsided.

You have been heart-broken and dejected upon explaining love. But these funny memes will show you the different perspective of love in a hilarious way. You will not stop laughing and enjoying looking at these funny images. These memes reveals the true reality behind love and also ponders over the question of what is love? It is all about revealing the process of attachment, detachment, commitment and then happy ending of a relationship.

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