12 Crazy Woodstock Festival Photos

9. Woodstock Fashionfashion

The Woodstock generation sported a fashion that made their generation more unique. The fashion was heavily influenced by the hippie trends back during those times. So there were a ton of tie-dyed clothing, bohemian dresses, flower wreath headpiece and peace pendants. There were also ten million yards of blue jeans and striped T-shirt material at the festival.

8. Unlimited Smokingunlimited smoking 2

Hippies and grass often go hand in hand. Right? In the festival 9 out of 10 attendees smoked grass. It wasn’t legalized in New York during the time of the festival but a majority of the hippies were smoking it. Also during those three days, they could smoke all they wanted as much as they wanted. Even the artists were smoking joints before going on stage.The police didn’t arrest them all as it was impossible to fit all those people in the county prison. But despite that, the festival was relatively peaceful.

7. Food Shortage

Given the supposed to be three-day but extended to a four-day festival and a massive crowd, it’s foreseen to have a food shortage. But when a Jewish community found out that there was a food shortage, they generously made sandwiches with 200 loaves of bread, 40 pounds of meat cuts and two gallons of pickles.