12 Celebs That Decided To Take Normal Jobs

6. Josh Saviano


Josh Saviano is best known by millions as Paul Joshua Pfeiffer in “The Wonder Years.” After a few more roles, he quit acting to go to college. He became a lawyer, and recently, he founded the law firm JDS Legal and celebrity brand consultancy Act 3 Advisors. In 2014, he returned to acting to play a lawyer in a few episodes of ” Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”


5. Danny Tamberelli


Danny Tamberelli is best known for his work on “All That,” “The Magic School Bus,” and “The Adventures of Pete and Pete.” A decade ago, the New Jersey native turned his attention to music. He is currently the lead singer in the rock band Jounce. He also played bass in the band Every Good Boy.


4. Kirk Cameron


Kirk Cameron shot to TV fame as Mike Seaver on the ABC sitcom “Growing Pains.” Towards the end of the series, he became a born-again Christian and wanted to find a new life away from acting. Along with Ray Comfort, he co-founded the ministry The Way of the Master in 2002.