12 Celebrities That Look Like Disney Princesses

Disney has done a pretty good job of creating strong, independent, and smart princesses, who are always in search of accomplishing their own goals. The best Disney Princesses are the take-charge women who won’t let any person or mythical creature stand in their way.

The top women in Hollywood are also independent, strong, smart, and willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

These 12 Disney Princesses have found their doppelgänger in real-life.

We chose our list based not only on the similar facial and body features of these ladies, but also the very similar personal traits they share.

Here are 12 celebrities who look and act like Disney Princesses.

#12 Snow White – Katy Perry

Snow White - Katy Perry


This side-by-side comparison of Snow White and Katy Perry shows us some striking similarities. They are both fair skin women with beautiful red lips and hairstyles that harken back to a different time. Snow White was also living in a man’s world but she took charge of the situation, much like Perry in the male-dominated record industry. Plus, Perry’s music video for Roar shows that much like her Disney counterpart, she’s not afraid to interact with mother nature.

#11 Wendy Darling – Taylor Swift

Wendy Darling and Taylor Swift

Wendy Darling and Taylor Swift literally share the exact same expression on their faces when they are surprised or excited. They also both have a desire to never grow up and focus on the past — Darling with her actions and Swift with her words. They also seem to really care about other people and expend a lot of their energy making sure everyone around them is happy and gets what they deserve. 

#10 Queen Elsa – Charlize Theron

Queen Elsa and Charlize Theron

Queen Elsa goes into self-exile in Frozen and Charlize Theron plays an excellent ice queen. Throw in their flowing blonde hair and similar facial features and this is a great match. Theron has also had to deal with her fair share of villains and she has always outsmarted them, something Elsa is also familiar with on a personal level. 

#9 Tinker Bell – Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and TinkerbellParis Hilton actually named her little dog Tinker Bell and she carried that little pup with her everywhere in her purse. They’re both blonde, bratty, and always demanding in some way or another that they get their way. They also both wear short dresses and glitzy shoes. This is nearly a perfect match in many ways. We also can’t deny the facial similarities with those small button noses, cheery red lips, and slender faces with striking eyes. 

#8 Princess Tiana – Kerry Washington

Tiana and Kerry Washington

Tiana and Kerry Washington are hardworking and independent. They are both African American women who understand how to break new ground, and they share many of the same facial features that make them look like beautiful and powerful women. They even have the same eyebrows if we want to get really picky. As an added bonus, check out their selection of layered dresses — even their fashion style is similar.