12 Celebrities With Lots Of Kids

With the busy schedules celebrities have, it’s amazing that they still find time to make babies and lots of it. You know, celebrities with tons of kids? When it comes to family life, some stars like to have bigger. Their families are like the real-life Brady Bunch.


Although not all the children of these celebrities are their biological children, they still treat them like their own. After all, child support is not a problem since they are worth a million dollars. Not only do these kids live a privileged life but they also inherit some of the mess their celebrity parents are in. Poor kids. Curious yet? Here are the 12 Celebrities With Lots Of Kids.

12. Eddie Murphy: 9 Children

Women have a soft spot for funny men. Just ask, actor-comedian Eddie Murphy. He has nine kids with four different women, which might not have been so bad if he hadn’t had half of those kids while he was still married to Nicole Mitchell Murphy. He denied his youngest child, Angel Iris, who he conceived with former Spice Girl Melanie

He even denied his youngest child, Angel Iris, with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, until a paternity test confirmed he was indeed the father. But after an ugly battle and a paternity test, it was proven that Eddie was indeed the father.

Nicole Mitchell Murphy has had enough of Eddie’s playing around so she filed for a divorce and she received a settlement of $15 million.  Unfortunately, she lost more than $7 million of that money in a scam. The scammer now faces tons of criminal charges and is linked to multiple scams. Nicole is said to be close to bankruptcy.

11. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar: 19 Children

They may not be celebrities but who doesn’t know them, right? The Duggar family rose to fame because of their unusually large family. It’s pretty rare to see a family this large nowadays that’s why they became an instant celebrity. Currently, the couple has 19 children, and Michelle says she isn’t done yet. Pretty insane, right? But the once-beloved family has laid low since the popular series was canceled, but we might see more from them eventually. America loves a good comeback.

The show was canceled after Michelle and Jim Bob’s son, Josh Duggar, acknowledged the media’s accusations of infidelity and molestation were true. Josh cheated on his wife using sites such as Ashley Madison to engage in you know what with other women, and he also molested several of his sisters when he was a teen. Josh is undergoing intensive therapy from a Christian counseling program, and reports say Anna, his devoted wife, has no plans to leave him.

10. Octomom: 14 Children

Who could forget about Nadya Suleman or popularly called as Octomom? She brought attention and criticism from people around the world when she gave birth to octuplets as a single mom. How could a single mom support eight mouths to feed when she already has six other children? She confessed to using IVF to become pregnant with her octuplets.

Octomom was eventually charged with welfare fraud for receiving public assistance while being paid for magazine interviews and TV appearances. She was also treated for “stress” at a local rehab facility for 25 days. And we all know she earned some cash from starring in adult films like “Octomom Home Alone.” We aren’t sure if she currently works, although she has publicly said she wants to go to college and get a job to support her 14 children. Good for her. That’s 14 mouths to feed and send to college.

9. Jon and Kate Gosselin: 8 Children

Jon and Kate Gosselin have eight kids together; a set of sextuplets and a set of twins. The former couple had a reality show entitled, Jon & Kate Plus 8. But now since they are divorced, their heated legal battles often made headlines, and their show is now just Kate Plus 8.

The story behind their divorce? Kate has been called a control freak diva who only takes care of the kids when cameras are around, and Jon has been called a deadbeat father multiple times by Kate and her crew. Let’s ask the children to know the real story.