12 Celeb Deaths Hidden From The Media

Dead Celebrities

When someone famous dies it’s usually impossible not to hear about it. All of a sudden it’s on every news outlet, TV station, and it’s what everyone is talking about. Not only does everyone hear about it, but it can also be very shocking and saddening for many fans. After all, these are people that we often feel like we know personally after spending our time watching their movies and TV shows, listening to them on the radio, and reading their interviews.

With some celebrities, it feels like we’ve only just begun to get to know them and their work before they pass away, and with others, we might not even hear about their passing till much later.

Here’s a list of celebs that have passed away that you might not have known heard about or known very well.

I honestly didn’t realize that #5 on this list had died.

#12 Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy Death

Leonard Nimoy most famously starred as Spock in Star Trek, and through that role and his personality he became beloved by many Trekkers around the world. Besides acting, he also wrote poetry, music, and was an activist. He passed away in February 2015 at 83. His death was said to be due to a smoking-related condition. Fortunately, he leaves behind a long legacy and huge body of work for his many fans to reflect on.