12 Billionaires Who Didn’t Graduate From College

A majority of kids and adults firmly believe with the idea that you need to have a college degree in order to get a good job and make money. They believe that a successful life and career are dependent on having a college degree. Especially now that we live in a very competitive world.


While it may be true for some people and some jobs, it certainly does not apply to everyone. There will always be exemptions to the rules. Believe it or not, some of the most successful people in the world did it without finishing college. Here is a list of some of the richest people without a diploma and how they did it.


I mean, who doesn’t know this guy? Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout and is one of the youngest members of the billionaire club. He is a computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is also the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Facebook.

While studying at Harvard, he worked with his friends to create Facebook. At the beginning, it was exclusive only to Harvard students. But then it grew to all college campuses in the U.S. And eventually, Facebook became open to anyone, that is to the billion people around the globe who has access to the internet. The social medial platform became a huge success. Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at the age of 23.


Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of Dell, Inc. He started a small business when he was a freshman pre-med student at the University of Texas. He would create and sell upgrade kits for personal computers out of a room in one of the residential buildings. He even managed to bid on contracts for the State of Texas. He eventually won many bids because he did not have to pay for a storefront.

In 1999, Michael and Susan Dell created the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, which focuses on grants, urban education, childhood health, and family economic stability. On October 12, 2015, Dell Inc. announced its plan to obtain the enterprise software and storage company EMC Corporation. At $67 billion, it has been identified the “highest-valued tech acquisition in history”. The takeover was finalized on September 7, 2016.


Christy Walton is the widow of John T. Walton. John T. Walton was one of the sons of Sam Walton, the man who created Walmart. In June 2005, she inherited her husband’s fortune after his death in a plane crash.

Forbes reported that she was the richest woman in the world for eight years running, and still held the title in March 2015. Her huge net worth comes mostly from the shares that she holds in Walmart. But, her husband also invested in First Solar, which became a successful company. She is also one of the biggest female philanthropists.


Bill Gates is probably one of the most recognizable and well-known billionaires on the planet, mostly because he is the wealthiest person in the world. He went to Harvard but eventually dropped out when his friend encouraged him to co-found Microsoft.

Their new company started by producing a BASIC interpreter for Altair. Microsoft BASIC became a huge success and the company continued to write programming language software for other systems. And the rest is history.