12 Behind The Scenes Facts From The Set Of WINGS

8. David Schramm – “Roy”

Schramm played the easily frustrated Roy, owner of the direct competitor airline to Sandpiper Air. He became a voice actor after Wings flew off into the sunset and later had an extensive Broadway career. Fly over to #7 to see what happened to one of the shows’ favorite female characters.

7. Crystal Bernard – “Helen”

Helen was the airport’s lunch counter waitress with aspirations of becoming a world-renowned concert cellist throughout the entire series. She appeared in a few B-movies but her notoriety continued with her music career when she had four songs from her two albums appear on U.S. charts.

6. Amy Yasbeck – “Casey”

Yasbeck is the widow of the late John Ritter, the sole male roommate from the hit Three’s Company, and she starred alongside him in Problem Child. She has extensive guest starring roles on multiple shows including Quantum Leap, Just Shoot Me, Modern Family, and recently on the comedic slacker comedy hit Workaholics.

5. Other Elites Auditioned For The Role Of Brian

George Clooney auditioned for the role of the smooth-talking Brian Hackett almost four years before he became an A-list celebrity for his role on the long-running hit E.R. David Duchovny from The X-Files and Hank Azaria from The Simpsons were also among those vying for the role. We’re going to discuss the gang’s favorite watering hole in slide #4.

4. The Club Car Is Real

When the gang wasn’t busy getting into their daily antics at the small-time airport, they were hanging out at their favorite watering hole in Nantucket, The Club Car. It is a real place that you can visit but, much like Cheers, the internal shots were not filmed on location.