The 12 Most Badass Killer Warships That Exist Today

Wars are often won or lost at sea. If you can’t supply troops in foreign lands or deliver them at the precise moment that a battle turns, you’re in trouble.


The British Empire was the largest empire in history because of its naval strength and in particular the ability of its ships to fire cannons over longer distances than any other navy.

In modern warfare, navies still play an essential role in combat, and the biggest, baddest warships are able to change the shape of a conflict.

These 12 incredible modern warships are all capable of changing the game in a heartbeat during naval battles.


12. HMS Agamemnon

The HMS Agamemnon is a monster submarine. It is the sixth-Astute class submarine to join the ranks of the British Royal Navy and the sixth vessel to bear the name of the Greek King in that navy’s history.

As a nuclear submarine, the Agamemnon will run in near perfect silence until she’s ready to strike. The reactor will not need to be refueled once in the estimated 25-year service life of the submarine, either.

The Agamemnon will carry a range of 38 different weapons, many for naval warfare, but it will also be able to accurately attack land targets up to 1,000 miles away.

11. HMAS Canberra

The Royal Australian Navy’s first Canberra-Class helicopter will be the HMAS Canberra, which is the second time a vessel under the Australian flag will have taken the name Canberra.

The Canberra uses the sophisticated Vampir system for defense, and up to 18 helicopters can be based on the ship at any one time.

More importantly, the Canberra is designed to deliver over 1,000 troops to any part of a battle in rapid deployment conditions. It’s capable of upsetting the balance of minor conflicts, quickly.

The Canberra has been used, to date, only in humanitarian missions to deploy emergency aid to Australian allies.

10. Frigate Forbin

The Forbin is used by the French Navy. It is named after their great admiral Claude Forbin-Gardanne who was much admired back in the 17th century.

The Forbin’s role is essential in major naval conflicts; she acts as air-defense to protect carrier battle groups. The ship’s only job is to take monitor, take out and control operations when a fleet is being attacked from the air.

She has been on active duty protecting both French and American carrier groups while they conduct operations against piracy in the Gulf of Somalia and joint operation exercises with the Indian Navy.

9. Corvette Boikiy

The Boikiy is designed to get into situations where other larger vessels might struggle. She’s not for huge battles but rather for hunting submarines in narrow passages around the world.

She uses two anti-sub torpedo tubes to carry out her mission. The corvette passed her inspection in November 2012 and was then transferred officially to the Baltic Fleet.

The corvette is new enough that the complete details of her fit out are still unclear. There was a recent addition of a 100mm gunnery system to the corvette which was delivered later than the ship herself. She entered active duty in 2013.

8. USS Anchorage

The USS Anchorage is a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock. She is also the second ship in the US Navy to have been named “Anchorage.”

The USS Anchorage is designed for recovery of objects during naval conflicts and to assist in their repair. One of the key roles that the boat has played so far is in trials with NASA to fetch space capsules for rapid retrieval.

She also carries an airframe missile launcher and up to 4 helicopters to act in defense of her operations. She should be able to hold off a fair amount of aerial assault whilst carrying out her main duties.