12 Awkwardly Entertaining Glamour Shots of People With Their Pets!


Everyone loves to show off their pet and the special bond they have with them. Sometimes people will bring their pet along to the professional family or business photo shoot. Some will even specifically request glamor shots with their beloved pets. Unfortunately, these pictures don’t always turn out as planned.

We know, we know. We bet you’re just shocked to hear that! So we have compiled some of the more entertaining, awkward or just straight up disastrous glamor shots of pets and their just as awkward owners. Trust us when we say these pictures really highlight the special bond between owner and pet. Enjoy!


12. Scheming Black Cat



We weren’t kidding when we said these pictures can be awkward. This glamor shot looks like something taken for a bad horror or alien movie. The black cat looks like he is definitely scheming something. Maybe he is trying to plot his escape from the photo shoot and find a new human?

11. Teddy Bear Or Dog?


Now this is a great example of how a perfectly cute family photo turned out awkward. It’s the moment when you realize it’s not the kid’s teddy bear, but the family dog dressed up. To be fair though, this is definitely one of the better photos out of our compilation. Which should make you cringe for what’s coming next!

10. Family Of Sloths


Now they say that pets often look like their owners, and we’re going to let you decide if that’s the case here… Or maybe they just wanted to have matching hair for the glamor shot? Either way, this picture is amazing. Honestly, how did they get the sloth to wave?

9. Prize Winning Rooster?


It’s true that people actually show chickens at local fairs, and can win prizes for various categories. We promise we aren’t making this up! So part of us is hoping that this is his prize-winning rooster and not just a random one he found to take this awkward glamor shot with.

8. Intergalactic Cat


Intergalactic, planetary, planetary, intergalactic. Anyone else just burst out into the Beastie Boys song? No? Well, we’re kind of sorry that it’s now stuck in your head. This cat really does not seem to be a fan of the space theme or maybe it’s because of being forced into this awful family photo! Do you have any photos that reach this level of awkward?