12 Awkward and Creepy Family Photos that will Leave You Speechless

6. Big Hair

big hair

This family portrait is just adorable. Nothing crazy, weird or out of the blue. But plain is boring, right? So their mother came up with a plan. And boy, was it a big plan, for big hair that is. It’s either she is a ‘professional’ hairstylist or she’s just passionate about hair. We’re not sure but we can definitely say that her motto is, ‘bigger is better.’ Just look at that birds’ nest on top of their heads. There could be an ecosystem living on that mini hill.

5. In Training

in training

For all, we know these little kids could be Russian spies in training. Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe we’re just exaggerating but these kids holding guns while having a family photo is definitely not cute. We’re not sure what their parents were thinking. They seem like decent people. Or maybe there’s a neighborhood war going on. Good thing, Obama wasn’t president back then or else. But next time guys let’s keep it non-threatening.

4. Curly Tops

curly tops

This frizzy bunch is a happy one. They definitely looked their best–that is, back in the day. These girls’ hairdo were all the rage during their day so we can see why they’re all smiles. They’re fabulously big and frizzy. But now in the era of hair iron, I’m sure these ladies’ would definitely kill just to have one. Frizz is out, sleek is in. But they did rock that hairdo so all is well.