12 Awkward and Creepy Family Photos that will Leave You Speechless

Family photos are one of the most treasured possessions we all have. It reminds you that you belong somewhere and that there are people who love you no matter what. These are the most special people you will ever have in your life. Some photos will make you cry, others will make you smile or laugh while some others will make you cringe for your life. Like the popular adage says, ‘a photo is worth a thousand words’. Yup, there are weird people out there and sometimes they’re not just one but a whole clan! Want to see what I mean? Read on to see the 12 Awkward and Creepy Family Photos that will Leave You Speechless.

 12. Garden of Edengarden of eden

Nothing brings a family closer when they bond with nature. But I think this family went too far and too deep into nature that they even left their clothing and wear nature instead. With their red hats, it’s obviously Christmas season but it’s probably not the best time of the year to go bare (literally). They might catch pneumonia or something. Their Christmas photoshoot looks more like a summer getaway in the Amazon. We’re not sure if their relatives would want to receive this Christmas postcard but hey, they seem to be having a great time so who cares.

11. Oompah Loompa

Oompah Loompa

The woman in the middle is most likely the girls’ mother. Well, she’s obviously fit and rip compared to her daughters. She has the tiniest waistline and we can understand her desire to flaunt those washboard abs. But there’s just one, make that two things that make this whole scenario a bit awkward. The mother has gotten happy, happy, joy, joy with the self-tanner that she turned out like an Oompah Loompa. And why does she need to hold that sword? She might stab her daughter’s thigh. The photo may look awkward but they’re definitely one happy family.

10. Best Mother

Best Mother

Now this is another one weird bunch. This odd family portrait is somewhat disturbing and we can’t seem to understand the message they’re trying to convey. Well, if they want to tell us they’re bizarre then we definitely got that! Why do these kids want to get rid of their mother?! Her son is strangling her and her daughter is viciously staring at her while she looks away and smiles. Their father who seems to portray a minister stares blankly at the camera without a care in the world. What a weird bunch.

9. Dog Gone Maddog gone mad

This Christmas family portrait will be one of the family’s most memorable one. They’re not weird or awkward like the other on the list but this photo was caught just at the right moment. They were all in their places ready for the camera when their pets decided to do something wild. Even the kids find it funny. Maybe the dogs didn’t want to be left out in the photo so even when they’re kinda busy they just jumped in the middle. Perfect just perfect.

8. Punks Not Dead

punks not dead

Well, this one’s a happy bunch – not! Their spaced-out mother doesn’t know how to feel with her two children. We can clearly see that from her expression. Maybe they’re just going through a stage? You know teenagers, they’re trying to find themselves? This is definitely it. Their outrageous hair, black lipstick, and piercings may just too much for their mom to handle that she just went blank. Poor mom. Don’t worry mom, we’re sure they love you. They even agreed to have a family portrait.

7. Best Dadbest dad

Here’s another photo of a father acting childish. Or maybe dad was in the shower and didn’t want to get left out in the photo so he just jumped in even without his clothes on. Whatever the reason is, we’ll never understand the need to go bare in a family photo? Isn’t a family photo supposed to be wholesome? Not this one. Another great photo ruined. His wife and children’s smile were perfect not until he butted in (pun intended). I’m sure his kids grow up will be embarrassed when they see this.

6. Big Hair

big hair

This family portrait is just adorable. Nothing crazy, weird or out of the blue. But plain is boring, right? So their mother came up with a plan. And boy, was it a big plan, for big hair that is. It’s either she is a ‘professional’ hairstylist or she’s just passionate about hair. We’re not sure but we can definitely say that her motto is, ‘bigger is better.’ Just look at that birds’ nest on top of their heads. There could be an ecosystem living on that mini hill.

5. In Training

in training

For all, we know these little kids could be Russian spies in training. Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe we’re just exaggerating but these kids holding guns while having a family photo is definitely not cute. We’re not sure what their parents were thinking. They seem like decent people. Or maybe there’s a neighborhood war going on. Good thing, Obama wasn’t president back then or else. But next time guys let’s keep it non-threatening.

4. Curly Tops

curly tops

This frizzy bunch is a happy one. They definitely looked their best–that is, back in the day. These girls’ hairdo were all the rage during their day so we can see why they’re all smiles. They’re fabulously big and frizzy. But now in the era of hair iron, I’m sure these ladies’ would definitely kill just to have one. Frizz is out, sleek is in. But they did rock that hairdo so all is well.

3. Going Bananas

going bananas

These two monkey lovers must really love these animals for including them in their family photo. They’re even fully dressed up! Unlike other family photos in this list. Their pets have outnumbered them and even looks like they are also a complete family. They must be a handful and feels like taking care of a group of toddlers. But hey, whatever fits their boot. I’m sure the animal rights groups would love them to bits. It’s just a little weird having primates as your family members.

2. Perfectly Normal


Now, we’re not sure if there was a costume party or this is how they dress up everyday? But this family photo definitely looks weird. The mother and father seem to be enjoying their dress up game but their daughter looks like being tortured with what they’re wearing. We don’t really know the reason behind their attire but this family portrait will definitely make you cringe when you look back at it. Forever immortalized.

1. Beyond Wacky

beyond wacky

Whoever thought this arrangement was a good idea is just plain sick. But those who agreed with it are even sicker! Where do I even begin?! This family is in desperate need of a good psychologist. Yes, it’s nice to be comfortable and open with your family members but this one is just beyond rational. This photo is so bad it’s considered taboo. I’m sure when the little kid grows up and sees this one he’ll probably want to disown his family. This is just creepy, sick, and weird!

What do you think of these 12 Awkward and Creepy Family Photos? Some were cringe-worthy and others just left us speechless. Why on earth would these families take these kinds of family photos? It’s just bizarre and dumb-founding. We bet they also cringed when saw these photos a couple of years after their lack of judgment. That’s okay, everybody makes mistakes. We’ll never know what their reasons were but we’re just happy that we have a sane family who wouldn’t take part in these shenanigans.

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