12 Amazing Facts About The Most Mysterious A-List Family Ever: The Beckhams

David Beckham is arguably the most famous soccer player of the last few decades and Victoria was a member of the world-famous pop group, the Spice Girls. While they aren’t in the spotlight as much as they used to be, The Beckhams are still considered pop culture royalty, and the mystery of the family adds to their allure.

When the two got together, they formed the biggest power couple in entertainment at the time. However, despite all this fame, there are still some things about this family that you didn’t know. Here are 12 little-known facts about this power couple and their kids, with number 6 being especially interesting.


#12 David Has a Keepsake


While many of us can remember the first time that we met our significant others, David took it a step further. He actually has kept the piece of paper on which Victoria first wrote down her phone number for him. He has said he wrote it down several times to make sure he didn’t lose it.