11 Tips on Good Selfies to Show The Best You Have

4- Stand Still
Still and Cheese

Tips on good selfies tell that in order to take a sharp photo the subject has to be still unless you are going to photograph a moving object. Since it is a selfie you need to keep to your pose and be still while you also take your own photograph.

5- Have Confidence
This is Your Selfie

There is no one looking at you when you take your selfie. Therefore, you never need to be shy on posing like the sexiest stars you have seen in books, magazines and TV shows. This is one of the most important tips on good selfies.

6- Take Many Photographs and Choose The Best
Choose The Best Pic

It is always good to take many selfies from the same pose instead of taking just one of each. The reason is that when you have many, you have the option to choose the best one. When a picture is taken one second later than the previous one, it will be an entirely different picture though you are in the same pose. Tips on good selfies teach us to choose the best what you have.