11 Tips on Good Selfies to Show The Best You Have

Anyone could take a photograph of another but taking selfies is not an easy task. In case you need to take your own photographs, reading a few tips on good selfies is a good idea. Since there are many aspects to take care of even when you take a regular photograph, these tips will certainly help you take a few nice photographs of yourself when the occasion requires you to do so. Some people take selfies due to the fact that there is no one around to help. There are others who are not satisfied with pictures taken by others.

There are many online resources that offer tips on good selfies and most of them offer good advice. Therefore, visiting the internet is the best way to look for such tips. However, if you are prepared to experiment you will be able to manage even without them. In order to do so, it is necessary for you to have some knowledge on photography. However it is always good to read these tips as they offer good advice on taking selfies.

In order to take selfies you may also need a good camera. However, since most mobile phones also offer good cameras this will not pose a problem. In case you have a digital camera having a tripod and being able to use the camera remotely will offer added advantages. Once these technical requirements are fulfilled you only need to acquire the necessary skills on taking your own photographs of yourself. Tips on good selfies could fulfill these needs if you read them carefully and follow them. Here are a few of them and there are photographs to explain about those tips. In case you are prepared to take clues from them you are going to create some high quality selfies effortlessly.

1- Watch the Background
Eyes on Background Too

Make sure you know tips on good selfies and that the background of your photograph suits your selfie. If that is just a selfie, try a plain background but sometimes you need to show your location like a special event you are participating then look for some representative part to appear on your back. In all cases background should be in contrast to what you wear. It has to be clear and should offer the right contrast to the main focus of the photograph. For your photograph in your bedroom or the office, make sure that everything is nice and tidy on the background unless you want to give a title “Working with Clutter”.

2- Makeup Your Looks
Just Do Not Look Shabby

You look better after makeup and when you take a photograph of yourself it is necessary to have your hair combed properly and the dress kept the way it should be. It is possible for you to take the picture again in case you make a mistake but tips on good selfies suggest that you make it right the first time.

3- Lighting is Among the Tips on Good Selfies
Lighting is Important to Show Things

Learn tips on good selfies that proper lighting is of utmost importance when you take a photograph. The same is true when you take selfies. Only then the details are recorded properly in your photograph. Also, your selfie will have a lively appearance. Even though shadows could have their own effects properly lit pictures look better.

4- Stand Still
Still and Cheese

Tips on good selfies tell that in order to take a sharp photo the subject has to be still unless you are going to photograph a moving object. Since it is a selfie you need to keep to your pose and be still while you also take your own photograph.

5- Have Confidence
This is Your Selfie

There is no one looking at you when you take your selfie. Therefore, you never need to be shy on posing like the sexiest stars you have seen in books, magazines and TV shows. This is one of the most important tips on good selfies.

6- Take Many Photographs and Choose The Best
Choose The Best Pic

It is always good to take many selfies from the same pose instead of taking just one of each. The reason is that when you have many, you have the option to choose the best one. When a picture is taken one second later than the previous one, it will be an entirely different picture though you are in the same pose. Tips on good selfies teach us to choose the best what you have.

7- Learn Using Editing
Learn Editing to Improve Selfie

It is possible for you to edit your photographs and to use filters to add various effects. Some filters are able to blur birthmarks and blemishes. There are others that could change the complexion of the subject. It is not a crime to use any of these filters in photography.

8- Look Silly to Make Your Selfies Outstanding
Looking Silly is Interesting

When you take your photographs you could make faces and look silly. Such pictures often become more attractive than the ones that offer your best in a normal pose.

9- Use the Best Angle
That is How You Hold Camera

Why this selfie? Your answer will tell what you need to cover as you take a photograph of yourself and what is the good camera angle. Tips on good selfies always mention this. Camera angle could make a big difference even in selfies.

10- Avoid Mirrors
Mirrors Show Unwanted Areas

When you take a selfie you must not let mirrors to be in the picture. It is not good to take a photo while you stare into the mirror. Mirrors anyway are not going to make your pictures beautiful.

11- View the Picture Before You Take It
Look Before You Release

When you take a selfie, view it first to see if the picture is framed properly. Click the shutter release button only when the best picture is there. Doing so will help you take the best selfies that everyone will appreciate.

When you follow these tips on good selfies it won’t be a difficult task for you to take some beautiful pictures of yourself. However, in your first attempt you may not be able to take outstanding photos but with practice you could master the technique of doing it. Therefore, it is always good to practice taking selfies when you are free. You could use your own innovative ways on every aspect in order to improve the quality of your pictures. You have various possibilities at your disposal. You could change backgrounds, lighting conditions, your pose and all others when you practice taking pictures. With present day digital cameras you can afford to take pictures and delete them if you don’t like them.

Parties and social gatherings are good places to take pictures with your friends. You could get together with them and do your experiments. Even you have the option to have a few of your friends in your selfies. They could not only pose for the pictures but also could advise you on the best poses for you and the best camera angles to use. Among your friends there could be a couple of good photographers who could guide and offer tips on good selfies. Even your family members could help you in your effort to take good photograph of yourself with your own mobile phone. In case you use a good mobile phone there are lots of things that could be done in order to create outstanding selfies.




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