11 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools Photos

The best way to nullify the warmth of summer is by having a swimming pool. It does not only act as heat absorbent but is also a great tool for exercise. Swimming pool, or simply a pool is a well confined, man-made container which is filled with water and has a definite shape. It can be used for swimming purposes or for other recreations relating to water. You can either build a pool in ground or above it. It is built from materials such as concrete, plastic, fiber glass or metal. There is a list for beautiful swimming pools photos from the world.

Pools can be of any shape and size, but more often than not, people prefer standard size. The biggest pools are the Olympic size swimming pools. There may be two types of swimming pools; public and private. Public pools are generally larger than private because they have to entertain greater number of people. Private pools are used by limited number of people. There is more liking towards public pools at places such as health clubs, hotels, schools, colleges and universities. In educational institutions, pools are not only used for swimming purposes but also for competitive athletics. Other types of pools include spas and hot tubs which filled with hot water and are utilized for therapy or relaxation. They may be present in hotels, massage parlors, clubs, hotels and other places. Also, astronauts and lifeguards may use swimming pools for their training purposes.

Moving on with the topic, people, all around the world who are interested in maximizing the beauty of their homes tend to install swimming pools in one of the corners of their homes. Some of the most attractive and heart-grabbing  and beautiful swimming pools photos of the world are as follows:-

1- Sky is the limit
Are you looking for an exquisite pool for holidays?

Are you looking for an exquisite pool for your next holidays?  It seems unimaginable that one owns a pool overlooking the great Mediterranean Sea. But a hotel in Santorini, Greece has one such pool which is just an awesome and magnificent sight. This has got to be on the first rank in beautiful swimming pools photos.

2- Swimming with the Sharks
Your swimming pool personified.
Your swimming pool personified.

Number two in the list of beautiful swimming pools photos is a shark tank which is surrounded by a swimming pool. Though, you are always surrounded by danger but it is always fun to live through challenges. This pool also has a slide that goes through the pool, which is insane!

3- My home , My Pool … I WISH !
Ideal swimming pool for resorts
Ideal swimming pool for resorts

Piece of paradise as they call it is an amazing spectacle which is situated in Biscayne Bay in Florida. It isn’t just a swimming pool but a place where you can have real cool parties. Move to next page for more beautiful swimming pools photos.

4- Charm me Please !
Mumbai Idolized!

A private residential area in Mumbai, named Aquaria Grande residential Tower is a splendid place to reside because each apartment has its own pool! This has to be on the list of beautiful swimming pools photos of the world!

5- Your Dream Pool
Exotic Charm With Elective Pool
Exotic Charm With Elective Pool

Expensive elective pool is a must build article of your dream house. Though, money is an issue when you think about such a pool but if you have unlimited cash, then it should be in your homes.

6- Painting Cum Real
Painting Cum Real

The beautiful luxurious pool is another spectacular sight which is surrounded by landscape. The landscape make the pool more prominent and beautiful at the same time. Nothing shall ever beat this one in beautiful swimming pools photos.

7- There is nothing better than this!
There is nothing better than this!

An ocean is no longer a necessity as long as one owns an ultimate swimming pool. With a simple outlook, this area is perfect for sweet romance with its amazing waterfall and bridge.

8- Listen to the music of water
Listen to the music of water!

There is also a violin shaped pool which is made out of stone and steel. Initially designed for an inexperience violin collector and player, there is also an audio system underwater According to Guinness.

9- Size is what defines THIS!
Size is what defines!

World Records, the pool of San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Algarroba, Chile is the world’s largest and deepest pool.

10- Wildest pool you can EVER see!
Wildest pool you can EVER see!

The luxury resort present at the Grand Canyon is one of the best pools of the world. With its heart; grabbing infrastructure and designs, its looks a holy and pure swimming pool.

11- Charm me Please !
Special rustic charm!

Last but not the least on beautiful swimming pools photos, there is a pool which has got a natural rocky surroundings, and a slide which drops into the pool. The surroundings of this pool is a peaceful, isolated place, away in the woods.

That’s all from beautiful swimming pools photos of the world.

The listed beautiful swimming pools photos are all private and are built by people with sufficient finance. Though, it is not something to feel bad of, you can save your money and build something as fantastic as these pools. As long as you are interested in getting yourself wet, you will find a way to make this happen. But, you can always use the public swimming pools as an outlet and practice your swimming skills there. Whether it is public or private, it is the pool itself which attracts people because in summer, you need something to keep you cool for a long time. A swimming pool is the best option for that!

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