This $100 Cabin Is Located In A Remote Paradise

8. Nice Location!

The cabin might not have been the most appealing place at first glance, but they do say the first rule of real estate is location, location, location. You can’t argue with the location of Richard’s cabin. It’s right in front of a lake in the middle of beautiful woodland.

7. Free Water!

Just around the corner from the cabin, Richard and his family were extremely fortunate to find a natural spring. That meant that they’d be able to find drinking water all year round without having to arrange to have it shipped into the woods. The cabin just kept getting better for him.

6. Building A Dock

One of the first orders of work was to connect the cabin land to the lake so that supplies could be brought in. They dug down to the bedrock by hand and then used a bulldozer to excavate in the lake itself. They then constructed this neat and functional dock.

5. Reconstruction Begins

Reconstructing a cabin isn’t an easy job. All the wood needed removing and treating for rot and worms before being replaced as it was. As you see from this picture, it starts with just a few pieces and goes from there. But from tiny acorns, mighty oaks do grow.

4. Change Of Plan

They wanted to recreate the cabin exactly as it was but they found a serious problem in that the underlying bedrock was only 6 feet below the surface of the ground. So they decided to rebuild the cabin, again, but this time on a stone plinth that raised it a few more feet above ground.