10 Wild Facts About “Wild Things,” The Bizarre 90’s Sex Thriller

It’s hard to believe by today’s standards, but the movie Wild Things was seen as a taboo film when it was released in 1998. Featuring one iconic hot tub scene between the three leads, which included a scintillating kiss between two very popular starlets, and that was all the film needed to lock its cult-like status. Today, it might look a bit campy and the shared kiss between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell is far from shocking in today’s landscape, but the film still has its pop-cult merit.

At the time of the film’s release, that hot tub scene was all anyone could talk about. Now, almost 20 years later, we’ve uncovered a few other fun facts about the production.

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10. Robert Downey Jr. Was Almost In The Film


Before he was Iron Man , actor Robert Downey Jr. was up for the role that Matt Dillon went on to play. At the time, his career was floundering as he was still chasing his demons with drug abuse. He missed out on the role because production thought he would be a liability.

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9. These Two Actors Almost Shared A Nude Scene

Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon were supposed to get down and dirty in a shower scene that never made it in the film. The two actors were supposed to share a shower together, but according to Dillon, production decided to get rid of that scene. The actor was not-so-secretly relieved.

8. Kevin Bacon Almost Didn’t Do The Movie

Kevin Bacon was one of the biggest stars when the film was released, but did you know he almost walked away from the lead role? It’s said he thought the script was “the trashiest piece of crap” ever! So what hooked him in? According to the actor, it was the shock element of the script.

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7. The Script Was Mentally Exhausting

According to the cast, the script was so surprising and so twisted that they had to take a break from reading the script. The cast would try to figure out what was going to happen before they read through the whole script but it was so twisted that it mentally exhausted them.

6. Denise Richards’ Horrible Audition

Denise Richards was one of the most alluring things about Wild Things but she almost wasn’t cast in the film! It’s said that Richards almost missed out on the role of Kelly Van Ryan after she botched her audition. After production brought her in for a second read, she totally nailed it!

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