These 10 Types of People Are More Liekly To Cheat – According to Science

5. The French



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The french are pretty much known for their romantic culture. Even the language they speak is referred to as the language of love. So it really isn’t too surprising that 75% of the french taking a survey admitted to cheating. When there is so much love in the air, someone is bound to take it a little too far and get greedy with their share. Which is true in all countries, not just France. But if you have a reputation for being a romantic, people are going to pay a lot more attention to your infidelity.

4. IT Technichians/ Engineers

IT: Engineer

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IT technicians and Engineers have to be able to think on their feet and solve problems easily. These traits can absolutely make them wonderful, responsible partners. Unfortunately, these same traits can help them to be unfaithful without you realizing. In these professions you usually have to spend a lot of time on the internet, which can in turn expose you to a lot of opportunities for cheating. So while these professions require intelligent and qualified people, sources confirm that they still might not be so intelligent and qualified when it comes to being in a successful relationship.

3. Twitter Users

twitter user

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Just like with the IT technicians and Engineers, twitter users usually spend a lot of time on the internet. As useful of a tool that the web may be, there is no denying that it is also a breeding ground for some pretty messed up stuff. As twitter becomes more popular, more and more people are signing up, so to say all twitter users are prone to cheating, we think is too broad of a statement. However, the more that you expose yourself to the temptations on the internet, the closer you get to becoming a part of the cheating statistic! Just be mindful of what you are spending your time with online, and we think you’ll be just fine.

2. Ages Ending In 9

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As much as we wish Peter Pan and Neverland were real, you just cant stay young forever. We all are going to keep getting older, and as we do so, we learn more about ourselves and the life we are living. Unfortunately, we live in a society that can be really unfulfilling for some. Sources confirm that when people get to those pivotal ages like 29, 39, and 49, they often find themselves scrambling to make their life exciting and worth while. Some people handle it better than others, and those that don’t handle it well can be prone to infidelity. Its all about perspective, and we think that finding positive ways to find meaning is way more beneficial than destroying a relationship by cheating on your loved one.

1. Shopaholics



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If you are an excessive spender and a shopaholic, it is important to realize how much strain that can put on a relationship. Keeping things simple is always a good way to ensure success, but when you are too concerned with buying more things and looking for happiness in the purchases you make, you are never going to be satisfied. There is nothing wrong with loving shopping, and spending a fun day at the mall, but if you are trying to have a successful relationship, you have to be sure that you are finding fulfillment in the right places.

Again, we know these are some pretty general examples, but we aren’t asking you to break up with your partner based on the fact that they are too tall. We just know that sometimes, infidelity rears it’s ugly head, and we want to better equip everyone to see it before it’s too late.