10 Things We Learned From Movies That Simply Aren’t True

The movies can be a great source of education as well as entertainment. Much of the current batch of sci-fi movies and tv shows, in particular, are doing great work in terms of explaining science and its principles to audiences.

However, it’s also important to recognize that some of the things the movies have¬†taught us about science are just plain wrong. That’s not to be deliberately misleading, it’s to make sure that movies are entertaining.

These 10 things are examples of when that happened and the “knowledge” from movies mistakenly entered the mainstream. We’d bet that you won’t believe number four on our list.

10. Shotguns Don’t Work Like That

In the movies, somebody gets shot with a shotgun and “boom,” they’re flying across the room. In real life, if that really happened, then Newton’s Laws state that the person who pulled the trigger would also fly across the room in the opposite direction. Doesn’t happen, does it?