10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump

why hillary clinton lost to donald trump


The whole world watched with anxiety and anticipation for the U.S. presidential election. It was not only the U.S. who was divided but the whole world. Each and everyone has a strong opinion and reason for supporting their chosen candidate. While Hillary was doing well during the campaigns and polls, a shocking turn of events happened when Donald Trump was announced as the new president. We all know the flaws she committed (Donald’s not clean either) that could have affected her chances of winning, but here are the 10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump. If she covered her bases she could have had a higher chance of winning but America has decided.

10. Bill

bill clinton

Need we say more? Yes, Bill was the 42nd president of the United States but that’ probably the only positive thing we can say about him. Harsh? Just take a look at Hillary’s and Donald’s debates. She was obviously rattled when Donald brought Bill’s accusers. After that, she avoided opportunities to go after Trump on the groping allegations as much as one might expect. The other problem, Bill reminds people of the past and most people have issues with that. Enough said.

9. She Didn’t Actually Tweet Herself

donald trump twitter

Social media is a big thing nowadays, in case you didn’t notice. Sure, Hillary wasn’t trolling on her social media but Donald used it to connect to people outside the media filter. It created an aura of authenticity. While Hillary’s campaign was based on a more conventional approach, Donald gave the opportunity to millions of people to have a conversation with him. He earned millions in “free media” by taunting the media to talk about him. It actually sounded like he was really writing his own tweets which was his edge from Hillary. He set the conversation and controlled the news cycle, day in and day out.

8. Not Having a Memorable Slogandonald trump slogan

Trump is a marketing genius and we can’t deny that. He’s a business magnate for crying out loud.

Make America Great Again.

It’s a simple slogan but memorable and very promising. It even became a hashtag at the end #MAGA. We can all see what’s happening to America now and people are desperate for change. He gave what the people wanted. It was more concrete than just plainly saying hope and change. We’re not sure how he will accomplish his promise but we’re watching him.

7. Protests


The riots in American cities created a sense of disorder in an already disordered world. Cities burning on TV, police shootings and ISIS terrorists beheading people on the Internet to name a few. The feared terrorist attacks throughout the world. These chaos have very different roots, and they aren’t comparable. Except for creating scenes of chaos, that flooded people’s TV screens. They hit the people’s sense of security. In times of disorder such as this, people turn to an alpha. Like the old saying, that FDR supposedly said of a Nicaraguan dictator, “He may be a son of a b, but he’s our son of a b.” Americans understood that Donald was not a warm, fuzzy, and empathetic character. They needed that desperately.

6. The Media Loves Her


The people aren’t as brainwashed as they used to be. Once a personality is loved and highly endorsed by the media then something is not right. Just like Donald who didn’t mind being foiled by the media because he knew that every time they attacked him it built him. Why? There’s great public dislike of the media in general because they came to symbolize the “elite.” So when Trump was attacked by the “elite media” and wasn’t destroyed by it, it built him. When the media praised Hillary, it made the people feel all the more that she was part of an inside club they don’t have access to (the “elites” as they call it).