10 People Who Tried To Break A World Record But Ended Up Dead

We are fascinated with world records. From the time we are young, we attempt to break the world record for holding our breath under water only to realize we are nowhere close to having the lung capacity of those who have accomplished such a feat. People never attempt to break a world record because it is easy to do so. While many are easy and harmless to try, some require the human body to go beyond its limits and can be extremely fatal.

As we will see with the following 10 people, attempting fame and recognition can come at a brutal cost. Proceed with caution.

10. Going The Distance With Juan Francisco Guillermo

48-year-oldĀ Juan Francisco Guillermo set off on a five-year record-breaking journey to break bike 155,000 miles. He had kept an incredible pace for over four years. When he was riding through northeast Thailand, a truck struck his bike and Guillermo never made it to the 155,000th mile.