10 Celebrities Who Barely Escaped Horrifying Accidental Deaths

As the fourth highest cause of death in the United States, accidental deaths remain a major statistic that could be avoided. Many of your favorite celebrities nearly became the victims of this tragedy, whether it was a horrific car accident or a minor stunt gone wrong on the movie set. We take a look at 10 celebrities that almost left us for good due to a mishap; one of them was actually taken away for a split second at the young age of 16.

The first person featured on this list nearly made matters worse with a simple smoke break.

10. Joaquin Phoenix’s Car Accident


Joaquin Phoenix spent years of his life battling alcoholism, and in 2005, he decided to check himself into rehab. While he was riding down the highway in Hollywood, he accidentally ran his car off the road, which resulted in the vehicle being flipped over a handful of times. The reason for this mishap was faulty brakes. To make the situation almost worse, Phoenix decided to pull out a cigarette without knowing the gasoline leakage nearby. Director Werner Herzog, who was fortunately nearby, stopped him from causing a catastrophe and helped the actor out of the car.

9. Johnny Depp’s Airborne Disaster

Johnny Depp and The Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson were on a private jet to discover new locations to shoot the flick when the engine suddenly shut off. Both men started laughing hysterically until the jet started moving again. Dying from a plane crash while laughing yourself to tears is probably a noble way to go, though.

8. Miles Teller’s Life Altering Ride

Before landing the role of Peter Hayes in the Divergent film series, Miles Teller was studying at New York University. In 2007, his whole life changed when his friend drove 80 mph on the highway and lost control of the vehicle. Teller was ejected from the car and received massive scars on his face. Today, he still has several scars left from the accident, but he won’t let that deter him from having a successful acting career.

The next situation led to a reunion of a beloved pop punk band.

7. Travis Barker’s Plane Tragedy

In 2008, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and producer DJ AM were headed back home after performing in South Carolina when a plane malfunction forced the two men to exit the vehicle before it exploded; they were the only survivors of the incident. This situation led to talks of Blink-182 reuniting.

6. Michael J. Fox’s Sudden Asphyxiation

Michael J. Fox had a near death experience while shooting Back To The Future III. In the scene where his character Marty McFly is dangling from a noose, the actor was in severe trouble as the rope was tied a bit too tight. Unfortunately, he passed out for 30 minutes, but he regained consciousness when they took him down.