If You’re Curvy, These Sex Positions Will Give You Shivering Orgasms!

There is no reason sex has to be a challenge just because someone has a larger-than-average figure. As the great mockumentary hair metal band Spinal Tap once proclaimed, “the larger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’.”

Want to max out that bodacious bod’s potential? Use these mind-blowing positions in the bedroom.

10. Double The Cushion

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If you have a couch with a long armrest, you’re in luck! Just bend your partner over it, spread their legs, and let the sofa do the heavy lifting.

9. Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

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Not only does the reverse cowgirl provide a great view; it is also fantastic for men with larger bellies! With this position, their partners can enjoy an obstacle-free experience.

8. The New Classic

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Make missionary possible with just a few easy tweaks! Simply have your man hover above in a modifed pushup position with his elbows and knees firmly planted.

7. Hot Pretzel

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Have your partner lay on her right side on the edge of the bed while you remain standing. From there, simply spread her legs and adjust as necessary.

6. Like A Queen

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For an added sense of luxury (and an easier time for you), use pillows to prop up your lady’s legs. Feel free to position them however feels most pleasurable!

5. Support System

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If either you or your partner need an extra boost, a good sex sling could take your nights to the next level. Just get one stable enough to let you unleash your full momentum.

4. Direct Hit

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For ladies with a bigger man, laying with your hips slightly off the bed might be the secret to epic pleasure. That’s a perfect way to hit the G-spot!

3. Dirty Dirty Dog

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To execute this new-and-improved form of doggy style, have your partner bend her knees slightly while posed near the edge of the bed (allowing you to remain standing).

2. Tasty And Tantalizing

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Changing your environment can help ease sexual anxieties and provide fun new ways to experiment. Try moving things to the kitchen next time you’re feeling hot and heavy.

1. Booty-Up Starfish

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A revised version of the starfish can actually be quite effective for dudes with bellies. With your partner leaning over the bed booty-up, simply lean over from behind to give yourself some leverage.


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