You’re About To Lose Your Job To A Robot And Here’s Why


The power of technology has grown exponentially over the past number of years. Computers and machines have enabled humans to accomplish things that they only dreamed of at one point in history. Space travel, cell phone capabilities, and self-driving cars are only a few of the incredible inventions powered mainly by computers.

While mankind as a whole is mostly excited about these new technologies, some are worried that jobs will continually be eliminated as robots and computers start to take over their positions.

We’ve compiled some of the most likely jobs to be taken over by robots in the future. If you want to see if your job is on the list, make sure to check out every item!

#18 Automotive Production


Machines are a logical choice for assembly lines. They cut down on manufacturing costs, allow for a more efficient use of time i.e. they don’t need breaks while humans do, and the list of things they can do is growing by the year. Machines can already weld, install, and paint parts which means that a lot of factory workers are out of jobs. Do you know anyone in the auto industry that’s out of a job due to robot workers?


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