You’ll Never Believe What Was Hidden Behind This Ancient Door

FeaturedGrassOn a small bay on the shores of Scotland, fierce storms can sometimes hit, causing the area to be a bit dangerous and sometimes experience some tragic after effects of the natural harsh weather. But after one storm, this little area was able to unmask an ancient secret that archaeologists had yet to discover. Sometimes it feels as though we’ve explored an area and that we know everything about it. But that is the furthest from the truth. Archaeologists are uncovering amazing mysteries constantly, and that is especially true in the case of what was behind this hidden door. Click through to see what they discovered!

#18 In 1850, A Terrible Storm Swept Over The Orkney Islands

001--18-in-1850-a-terrible-storm-swept-over--e1de7abf90c8c3409900bfab98f20571Sometime in the mid to late 1850s, a terrible storm swept over the islands of Orkney. This area is often susceptible to violent storms that can sometimes wipe out homes and villages. But instead, with this storm, a secret had been uncovered. After the storm, villagers found a secret door and you’ll never guess that it was to…

#17 For Thousands Of Years, No One Knew This Existed

002--17-for-thousands-of-years-no-one-knew-t-2fc00932b1cdad381d15d15d5896c000The door had been covered over with sand for almost a millennia. For all of these years, no one had any idea what was behind the door, let alone that it existed in the first place! It wasn’t in history books what had been here, and no one who lived in the area knew the secret.

#16 It Is A Secret Older Than The Pyramids

003--16-it-is-a-secret-older-than-the-pyrami-313035Within the rolling hillside on the island, a secret has been buried so deep that no one knew of it until now. Behind the secret door, is a perfectly preserved village that existed in prehistoric times known as Skara Brae. It doesn’t look like much at first, but you’ll be amazed at what lies inside.

#15 The Storm Was Terrible

004--15-the-storm-was-terrible-313040The storm that hit this village was an absolutely terrible one. Unfortunately, the storm of 1850 took around two hundred lives as it swept fiercely through the town. The only good thing that came out of this terrible storm was that it unveiled this hidden city which may have never been found otherwise. But where did it come from?

#14 It Was Around During B.C. Times

005--14-it-was-around-during-b-c-times-313043The village of Skara Brae existed roughly between 3180 B.C. and 2500 B.C. Within the village consists eight stone houses. The fact that it was determined to survive in this era makes it one of the oldest agricultural villages in the U.K. A discovery like this is incredible! There’s so much more inside this village that makes it all the more amazing of a find! Click through to see!