You’ll Never Believe What The...

You’ll Never Believe What They Found in These Ancient Chinese Ruins

FeaturedRuinsArcheologists are some of the smartest people you can find, and they are responsible for some of the most brilliant, creepy, and amazing findings ever recorded. These people travel far and wide to make some outstanding discoveries which have led to breakthroughs in how we understand the Earth’s history. But while there are hundreds of different discoveries made, this article will focus on one in particular. Archeologists from some leading Chinese universities set out on a dig but were stunned by what they would find out. Their discovery has scientists and the internet puzzled and once you find out what they dug up, you will be too!

#15 Hard at Work

001--15-hard-at-work-447898The archeologists on this dig thought they were just in for a normal day at work. These workers were high up on a sand hill in a remote corner of China. Little did they know that this ould turn into the most significant and biggest discovery of their lives thus far.

#14 Researching the Land

002--14-researching-the-land-447958The decision to dig here was made between the months of May and November 2011. The dig was made jointly between Jilin University in China and the Institute of Archeology from Mongolia. Now, they didn’t just decide on this land for no reason, there was a deliberate reason why they wanted to dig here.

#13 An Ancient Civilization

003--13-an-ancient-civilization-447960The location that they decided to dig was known by most people as Hamin Mangha. This place was inhabited around 5,000 years ago and is one of the biggest and best preserved prehistoric settlements in China. This area offered great insight into civilization thousands of years ago in China.

#12 Large Scenic Land

004--12-large-scenic-land-447990But this wasn’t some small piece of land, this was a giant location. Experts claim that this site (at its peak) probably stretched to cover around 1 million square feet. This was thought to be central for a larger settlement. This location is on a scenic slope on a sandy dune, surrounded by beautiful meadows.

#11 Initial Excavation

005--11-initial-excavation-448026The first excavation of the land was completed back in 2010. After this start, they began to explore the surrounding area of around 30,000 square feet. This was actually the first time anyone had attempted such an excavation in this area, which meant it was a monumental step forward.

#10 Setting to Work

006--10-setting-to-work-448042As they finally got to work on the mass digging, remnants of the ancient civilization began to become uncovered in the area. As the digging went on, the archeologists began to find old and ancient dwellings, 43 of them to be exact. The dwellings were also full of tools, pottery and more.

#9 Prehistoric Humans

007--9-prehistoric-humans-448070This prehistoric settlement is actually believed to be so old that it actually pre-dated the use of written words in humans. The people who originally lived here harvested crops and hunted various wild animals for meat in order to survive. All they needed was modest and small settlements, nothing more.

#8 Small Dwellings

008--8-small-dwellings-448098As mentioned in the last entry, the houses, and dwellings in this settlement were quite small in general. They came in a variety of sizes, with the smallest being just 75 square feet, with the largest being only about 500 square feet or so. They would eat, sleep and cook here.

#7 A Big Surprise

009--7-a-big-surprise-448103And while all seemed good and well and they were finding what they were expecting, they were soon going to get the surprise of their lives which would turn this dig upside down. One structure, which was named F40 by the team, contained something people would never expect. Something much darker.

#6 Makes Your Skin Crawl

010--6-makes-your-skin-crawl-448121In this structure, the team found something truly gruesome nd macabre. They found around 100 deformed human skulls crammed into that one single structure. And while that on its own is super frightening and scary, it also appears that they dwelling that housed the skulls was also set on fire.

#5 Sinister Forces?

011--5-sinister-forces--448147And when it comes to a hundred skulls just being placed in one single dwelling, there has to be a way for them to get there. There is no way they could all just magically appear there, so experts were curious as to how they got there. And the results of their investigation were fascinating.

#4 Scattered Bones

012--4-scattered-bones-448182Altogether, after further investigation, the dwelling contained the bones of at least 97 different people. But not only were these bones not kept in order in terms of who they came from, they were seemingly just thrown around in there at random, as if whoever put them in there didn’t care at all.

#3 Bones Everywhere

013--3-bones-everywhere-448186On the topic of the scattered bones and their discovery, archeologists reported that the discovery of bones differs in different geographical areas. Skeletons in the NorthWest were complete, in the East, there is almost only skulls still there and in the South, it was mainly just limbs found. Pretty chilling.

#2 Young Deceased

014--2-young-deceased-448206So just who were all these individuals that were laid to rest in this structure? Well, an analysis revealed that the average age of the people that died was around 27 years old. However, there were also some children among the deceased, though no elderly were found among the population.

#1 A Raging Fire

015--1-a-raging-fire-448249But while the discovery of this all is eerie by itself, the fact that the bones were blackened and deformed is extra creepy. It is said by experts that at some point during the history of the structure, it seemed a fire had ravaged the building where all the bones were being held.

As you can see, this was an amazingly strange discovery and one that these diggers were not expecting. And while it was found and discovered, there are a lot of different questions that this discovery brings up. Why were these people killed, why were they put in this one structure together and what started the fire? These questions and more have baffled scientists for years. While the archeologists on the team knew they would find some incredibly old and historic artifacts, they didn’t think these artifacts would include the bones and skeletons of people from thousand of years ago.


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