You’ll Never Believe What He ...

featured-imageWhat’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found at your grandma’s house? It seems like grandparents always have boxes upon boxes of old pictures and family heirlooms. For the most part, though, these little finds are pretty mundane. Sure, they’re cool for awhile, but they don’t have any “WOW” factor.

But, what happens when you stumble upon something truly impressive? For one family, this fantasy has become a reality! Keep reading to find out more about their story and to see what happens when life changes in an instant. Just wait until you see slide 2! You’ll be in shock!

#12 Rain, Rain Go Away

001-12-rain-rain-go-away-696232On a cold, rainy day last winter, a young man named John decided to go exploring in his grandma’s ceramics room. She hadn’t been able to use the room for crafts in many years, so it was understandably quite messy! Still, he got busy trying to clean up the space and learn a bit more about his grandma’s favorite hobbies.

#11 The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

002-11-the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe-696253In the back of the room, he saw an old closet. He cautiously approached, half expecting to find a collection of his grandma’s pottery pieces. He knew she had been quite the potter in her young age, so he figured she had to keep her work somewhere. That WAS NOT what he found, though. What was inside this mysterious closet? Keep reading to find out…

#10 What’s Grandma Hiding?

003-10-what-s-grandma-hiding-696287Well, there was absolutely nothing inside the closet. Or so he thought! Upon closer inspection, he realized that the bottom floor of the closet was holding a locked metal box. He tried to open it, and even asked his grandma if she knew the code, but she reported that she had never seen the box before!

#9 Put Some Muscle Into It

004-9-put-some-muscle-into-it-696314Because he didn’t have a way to open the box, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Using a hammer and a crowbar, he forcibly opened it. As soon as he got this ancient safe cracked enough to get inside, he recognized a mysterious (and creepy) message on the outside of the box…

#8 A Spooky Message

005-8-a-spooky-message-696333This etching, taken from the lid of the box, reads “Abandon All — Regret Ye Who Enter Here.” That would definitely be a spooky message to receive when you’re trying to break inside an abandoned safe! Still, he kept going. At this point, he was too curious about what was inside the box to turn back now!

#7 What’s Inside The Box?

006-7-what-s-inside-the-box-696350He was a bit disappointed when he finally got inside that creepy metal box. All he saw was a dirty canvas bag. Was all that hard work for nothing? Surely there had to be something inside. Just as he was starting to rip it open, he noticed something particularly peculiar…

#6 Family Values

007-6-family-values-696371On the outside of this canvas bag was a very strange symbol. After some investigation, John found out that this was actually his family symbol! His great-great grandfather had designed it and meant for it to be used as a calling card for generations to come. What was inside the bag, though?

#5 A Box Of Heirlooms

008-5-a-box-of-heirlooms-696382Once he finally opened the bag, John found a photograph of his great-great grandmother, a leather pouch, a pipe, an old-fashioned pen, and some other goodies. He excitedly showed his grandma — she was just as thrilled as he was and urged him to explore further! They would never believe what they found inside…

#4 If You Ain’t Got No Money, Honey

009-4-if-you-ain-t-got-no-money-honey-696415Inside a small glass case that was hidden within the box, John and his grandma found several old coins. After polishing them and doing some research, they were disappointed to learn that they weren’t really worth much money at all. Still, they decided to continue with their tireless investigations.

#3 A War Hero

010-3-a-war-hero-696417Also inside the box was a shiny gold medal! John learned that this had been awarded to his great-great-grandfather for heroism during World War I. His grandma was so excited to hold on to this treasure from her father’s past. Needless to say, it is considered a family heirloom to this day!

#2 A Valuable Find

011-2-a-valuable-find-696399Finally, they opened up the small leather pouch. Inside, they discovered countless stamps! They realized that many of them had originated in countries that don’t even exist anymore. After getting a proper appraisal, they learned that John’s chance find was worth several hundred thousand dollars! Now that’s some great luck!

#1 Never Gonna Give You Up

012-1-never-gonna-give-you-up-696212With the exception of the stamps, John’s family has decided not to sell anything he found in the box. There are too many precious family heirlooms held inside. But, they have decided to make sure all the young children who are related to the box’s original owners have the opportunity to learn all about their family history. What a nice idea!

John’s family was changed forever when he decided to go exploring in his grandma’s ceramics room. What he found will shape the future of his family for years to come, and the money he made by selling those stamps will be a much-appreciated nest egg! Most people will never have an experience like his, but it certainly serves as a reminder to constantly stay curious. You never know what treasures could be hiding in plain sight!

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