You Won’t Believe What This Hiker Found On His Trip



Hiking is a great activity for those who love discovering and exploring new things. One of the biggest thrills of hiking is the adrenaline you get from the risk and the excitement of finding new and interesting things you never thought you would discover before. It really only takes one small discovery to really be able to change a person’s life forever. All of that was definitely the case for a guy named Zachary Anderegg. You simply won’t believe his incredible journey. While he was on a normal hike, he found something incredible. Click through to find out more about his stunning discovery!

#12 Anderegg Was Like Any Normal Hiker


Anderegg is just like any other hiker out there. Before his incredible discovery, he was just a normal person like you or I. He hadn’t really gone looking for anything new and exciting during his hikes before. He simply enjoyed the activity and decided to take a hike just like any other normal day.

#11 He Liked To Hike Alone



Anderegg often enjoyed hiking alone. The paths and views were soothing and calming, so going about them by himself was an exciting and relaxing hobby. Sometimes he would bring along friends or family members, but on this particular day, Anderegg had decided to take the hike alone. You won’t believe what he is soon to find on this “ordinary” hike…

#10 He Was A Skilled Hiker



Anderegg was definitely skilled at what he did. He would not be considered a “newbie” when it came to hiking. He even knew this particular trail. It was one that he had hiked a few times before, so he would definitely notice if there was anything out of the ordinary. And that was definitely the case on this particular hike…

#9 Some Parts Were Dark And Dangerous


The hike wasn’t one that anyone would necessarily claim to be “easy.” Some of the parts of the cave had little to no access to sunlight, making them potentially dangerous to someone who doesn’t have an extra light source. Not to mention the steep rocks that could cause someone to fall. That is why it isn’t totally surprising what Anderegg was about to find…

#8 He Made A Shocking Discovery


Unfortunately, Anderegg made a shocking discovery that shook him right to his core. At the bottom of one small particular cliff, he discovered an emaciated dog. The dog appeared to be trapped between the cliffs with little to no chance of him being able to get out on his own.

#7 He Had To Leave To Get Help


Unfortunately, Anderegg wasn’t prepared for this shocking discovery before partaking in what he thought was going to be a normal hike. He had to leave the poor, helpless dog alone once again to get the supplies necessary for what was needed to save the dog. Who knows what he might come back to find…

#6 He Didn’t Have Much Help



Anderegg didn’t really have much help in getting the dog out. It was a bit of a dangerous area, so the rescue for the dog was a slightly risky one. Luckily, he was able to get some help from his local fire station. He was given a cat carrier, something that might not be enough to save the dog…

#5 He Didn’t Think He’d Make It Very Long



Luckily, the crate was enough to be able to get the dog out of the hole he had so unfortunately fallen into. But once the dog was safely removed from the dangerous area, there was another threat that Anderegg had feared might be the ultimate demise of the innocent animal.

#4 Who Knows How Long The Dog Had Been There


The animal was completely emaciated, and Anderegg had no idea if there was even a chance that he could revive the poor innocent dog. There was no telling how long the dog had been there. Anderegg also stated that it was clear that the poor dog was left there on purpose.

#3 He Ended Up Making A Recovery!


But luckily, the dog ended up being OK! With the right love and attention, he was able to make a quick recovery! When he was first found by Anderegg, there was no telling if he would be able to make a comeback. It became clear to everyone, however, that he would be okay with the right amount of TLC.

#2 Now The Dog Is Thriving!


The dog and Anderegg are doing better than ever! At first, Anderegg wasn’t sure if he would be able to care for the dog, so he considered adoption. Instead, he decided that there was a reason the two had met, so he decided to make the dog his new lifelong friend.

#1 They Found Each Other


Not only did Anderegg find the dog that day, but the dog found Anderegg. He credits finding the dog for helping him through a tough part of his life as well. Anderegg suffered a lot from bullying when he was young, so he definitely knows what it means to help someone.

The story of Anderegg finding and rescuing the dog is truly a remarkable one. It’s not that often that you hear a good and heartwarming story involving animals these days, so it’s nice to know that there are still people out there willing to put their life on the line in order to help out a new friend. The poor dog was forced to live in agonizing conditions and probably thought that he was going to die right there in that small cave. Luckily, he ran into Anderegg, who was able to rescue him and bring him back to a good quality of life. Together they not only found survival but a lifelong friend in one another.