You Won’t Believe What The Cast Of Willy Wonka Looks Like Now

FeatuedWillyWilly Wonka has got to be one of the greatest films of all times. Although it came out in the early 70s, it’s clear that it has remained an important film that children of all ages have had the pleasure of seeing. As kids, we longed for the chance to visit such a factory, though one never even existed. It was a hard movie to watch without having a big bowl of candy within an arms reach. It’s clear now that we know how important the movie remains. One thing we don’t know is what happened to the cast of our beloved film? Click through to see where the cast members are now!

#18 RIP Gene

001--18-rip-gene-326503If you don’t already know, the beloved Willy Wonka has recently passed away. Gene Wilder was amazing in his role as Willy Wonk and charmed audiences all over the world as the character. He had an extremely successful career as an actor and political activist. This next fact about the cutest grandpa in any movie will certainly break your heart…

#17 Grandpa Joe

002--17-grandpa-joe-326513Everyone remembers the beloved Grandpa Joe! We watched as he got out of bed in order to go to the factory with Charlie, help Charlie burp his way away from death, and encourage his grandson to take over the Chocolate Factory. But whatever happened to the amazing actor who played him? Unfortunately, Jack Albertson, the actor who played him, did pass away. But he still had a successful career after the movie was over.

#16 Jack Albertson

003--16-jack-albertson-326530He passed only a decade after the movie premiered, but no doubt did he still have a successful career. Just like Gene, it’s sad to know that we won’t ever get to see another movie with these actors in it! However, you can still watch the movies and shows he was in after Willy Wonka was over, such as “The Fox and the Hound,” “The Poseidon Adventure,” and “Chico and the Man.”

#15 Gunter Meisner

004--15-gunter-meisner--326547Gunter Meisner was the actor who creeped us all out as he followed Charlie around and cornered him in the dark streets after Charlie got his ticket. But in the end, we fell in love as we found out he was a good guy after all. Unfortunately, Gunter too passed away in 1994. He still was able to have a long and successful career.

#14 Charlie, Of Course!

005--14-charlie-of-course--326565Charlie was our protagonist of our favorite kid’s movie. When we watched it, we got to be Charlie, as we weren’t like the other annoying kids who went to the factory! But whatever happened to Charlie? It seemed as though we never really got to see him in anything after this movie. Well, that’s because he decided to leave acting after “Willy Wonka” was over. Click ahead to see what he decided to do instead!

#13 Peter Ostrum Left Acting

006--13-peter-ostrum-left-acting-757830017222265ddb974cf6df2bac86After the movie, Peter Ostrum had decided to leave acting. Instead, he used his money from the movie to buy a house and get an education. Now he practices animal medicine and lives comfortably with his wife and kids. Everything he appeared in, such as “Oprah,” and “Sicko” was all related to his performance on “Willy Wonka.”

#12 Nora Denning

007--12-nora-denning-326603Nora Denning was the slightly obnoxious mom of the annoying boy Mike in the movie. Although slightly despised, there’s no doubt she was an amazing actress. Unfortunately, for her too, she passed in 2005. She didn’t have as successful a career as some of her male costars, but she still landed a few big roles after her time on the movie.

#11 Veruca Salt

008--11-veruca-salt-326619Veruca Salt was quite possible the most annoying of the group of kids sent to the factory. She was a straight up brat, and it angered many that she was able to visit the factory! So what ever happened to her anyways? Did she ever make it back up from the egg drop? Right after Willy Wonka, she mostly just found small parts in shorts and TV. But she did eventually find herself a successful career…

#10 Julie Dawn Cole Does British Soap Operas

009--10-julie-dawn-cole-does-british-soap-op-326631The actress who played our loathed Veruca Salt was Julie Dawn Cole. Julie Dawn Cole actually went on to have a rather successful career as an actress on various British Soap Operas! It seems as though she has managed to stay away from playing any more roles of annoying little girls!

#9 Is Violet Still Blue?

010--9-is-violet-still-blue--326663Just like Veruca, we despised Violet just as much as the next ungrateful kid to make it into the factory. Most of this hatred was just jealousy, as they ended up getting what they deserved. So what happened to Violet? Is she still Violet? Did she make a full transformation into a blueberry? Right after she was on “Willy Wonka,” she was able to find some other acting roles in various movies and TV series. But she somewhat seemed to have her career go in a different direction than her costar Julie…

#8 Denise Nickerson

011--8-denise-nickerson-326681Denise Nickerson somewhat seemed to have dropped out of the world of acting, but she definitely isn’t a blueberry anymore. After a short-lived acting career, Denise decided to call it quits in 1978 and hasn’t had an acting gig since. Instead, she worked full time as a nurse for quite a while until she decided to quit that as well and become a stay at home mom.

#7 Did Augustus Survive The Fall?

012--7-did-augustus-survive-the-fall--326696Augustus was another kid in the bunch that we envied when he walked through the doors of the factory. But in all honesty, it was hard to not feel bad for him. I mean, who wouldn’t try to stick their face into a waterfall of chocolate? But what happened to him after he got sucked up the tube? Augustus is another actor from the movie who decided acting wasn’t really his forte. “Willy Wonka” is actually his only acting credit!

#6 Michael Bollner Got An Education

013--6-michael-bollner-got-an-education-326733Michael Bollner ended up quitting acting and pursuing an education, much to his father’s advice. He actually wanted to continue to pursue acting, but his father didn’t want him to and made him quit and get a real education. He now owns an accounting firm and works full time as a tax accountant in Germany. It’s strange to wonder what might have happened had he continued to pursue acting.

#5 Is Mike In One Piece Again?

014--5-is-mike-in-one-peice-again--326759Mike was the humorous yet still pretty annoying kid who never really seemed to stop talking. It was pretty interesting, then, to see him get shrunk into a tiny version of himself! Did he ever make it back out in one big piece? Or is he still just a little guy? Paris Themmen was the actor who had played Mike in the movie. Unfortunately, Paris’s acting career went South after being in the movie.

#4 Paris Themmen

015--4-paris-themmen-326782He did land a few other roles and even went on to have other roles in successful businesses but he never really quite found a role that stuck. He found a little success as a real estate agent, Walt Disney Imagineer, and Financial Advisor. Nowadays, he still has odd jobs including a few uncredited movie roles, and travelling conventions to sign autographs.

#3 Mr. Salt

016--3-mr-salt-326798Mr. Salt was the father of Veruca and was known to spoil his daughter a little too much. Everyone wanted a daddy like Mr. Salt. What kind of father would buy all of those candy bars and hire a team to go through all of them to find a golden ticket? Mr. Salt, that’s who. After being on “Willy Wonka,” Roy Kinnear, the actor who played Mr. Salt, maintained a very successful acting career with over 100 acting credits in 20 years! However, he eventually found himself with an unfortunate fate.

#2 Roy Kinnear Passed

Roy KinnearUnfortunately, just like many of his other costars, Roy Kinnear, the actor who played Mr. Salt, passed away as well. Roy Kinnear did manage to have a rather successful career as well, however. His death was rather tragic. He fell from a horse during a shoot and got several injuries. He was taken to the hospital but still died after having a heart attack, brought on by his injuries.

#1 Diana Sowle

018--1-diana-sowle-326829Diana Sowle is the actress who played the beloved mother of Charlie. She was so kind and sweet, and we loved watching her sing while she worked as a maid and washed clothing. Lucky for Diana, she happens to be the only adult actor from the movie who is still alive today!

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory will remain as one of the greatest films of all time. It’s one of those movies that you loved as a kid, and one of those movies that actually holds up when you watch it as an adult. It’s very unfortunate that so many of the actors who were in the movie have passed away. It’s also nice to know, however, that many of those who were in the movie were able to have successful careers after it was over. Some didn’t follow acting, but as child stars, it’s hard to know if they were really destined to make a career out of their time on the big screen. No matter what happens to the remaining actors who are still alive, they will always live on in our hearts as the stars of our beloved film.


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