You Won’t Believe What One Photographer Found In This Abandoned House

Abandoned House of Treasures Freaktography
Abandoned House of Treasures Freaktography

Our modern lives seem to revolve around money and fortune nowadays. Everyone is constantly chasing it, and very few people seem to enjoy the ride as much as the desired destination. Then there are some folks who seem to stumble upon real-life treasure all the time. They’re part of a trend called “urban exploration.”

Basically, an urban explorer is anyone curious enough to explore an abandoned building or structure and take a few pictures to share with the internet. Freaktography, the urban explorer and subject of this article, recently went through an abandoned house that was completely untouched since roughly the 1930s, and the photos he took were simply stunning.

And yeah, we meant what we said above. On slide #2, he found actual treasure!

Click through to see his incredible story of exploration and discovery!


#12 Freaktography Is A Skilled Vigilante Photographer
Abandoned House of Treasures Freaktography
Abandoned House of Treasures Freaktography

Freaktography is a hobbyist who enjoys breaking into abandoned houses and exploring the mysteries that are inside. He photographs every step of his journey, but due to the illegal measures he sometimes takes during his explorations, his identity has remained anonymous to this day. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to see his amazing photography!

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