You Won’t Believe These 18 Extremely Dumb Purchases Made By Athletes

FeaturedPurchasesPro athletes are without a doubt some of the richest people out there in the world today. With seemingly endless amounts of money, they can often spend frivolously, even when they probably shouldn’t. Whether you are poor or rich, you can still make poor decisions with whatever money you have. In fact, athletes often do some extremely confusing things with their money, as you will see in this article. In fact, number 10 actually cost an athlete millions and almost put him in bankruptcy. So read on and enjoy these hilarious and awful purchases by athletes over the years.

#18 Sam Hurd’s 1000+ Pounds of Drugs

001--18-sam-hurd-s-1000-pounds-of-drugs-201040For some reason, Hurd didn’t think an NFL contract was enough money for him so Hurd decided to play his hand at being a drug lord. The problem for him is that the person he tried to buy $700,000 worth of drugs from was actually an undercover police officer. This not only costs Hurd his football career but also got him sentenced to 15 years in prison.

#17 Mike Tyson’s Bathtub

002--17-mike-tyson-s-bathtub-b81500f2bcb95344f4088a4e7d3085a7Everyone likes to take a nice bath every now and then, but this is crazy. This tub was a gift for his ex-wife Robin Givens and was given to her on the same day he threw her a party that cost over $400,000. Oh, and the tub cost him a whopping $2 Million. But this isn’t the last time Tyson made a stupid purchase, just wait until number 4…

#16 Latrell Sprewell’s Yacht

003--16-latrell-sprewell-s-yacht-201004For most people, boats are usually pretty solid investments, but they are not if you have no money and no job when you buy them. Sprewell made the stupid decision to buy this boat after he retired and it cost him a whopping $1.5 Million. Eventually, the yacht was repossessed and sold at auction when Sprewell stopped making payments on it.

#15 Eddy Curry’s Cable Bill

004--15-eddy-curry-s-cable-bill-9ad8144966ec8b4b10abadb0828ce2a6While the number in this entry will be lower than most, it has to be one of the stupidest things to burn money on. Curry had a laundry list of bad financial deals, but perhaps his worst offense was the fact that his monthly cable bill was well over $1,000 a month. How does a pro athlete even watch that much TV when they are always traveling? Speaking of traveling, you won’t believe what number 17 is around…

#14 Marquis Daniels’ Necklace of Himself

005--14-marquis-daniels-necklace-of-himself-201051Not only is this one of the most absurd entries in this article, this is probably one of the worst pieces of jewelry every created. For some reason, NBA role player Marquis Daniels decided to have a 3-D diamond and gold pendant created that was a replica of his own head. This cost his upwards of $40,000.

#13 Al Jefferson’s Bed

006--13-al-jefferson-s-bed-201000NBA players and other big athletes need bigger beds, but this is overkill. Al Jefferson bought a custom bed that was 10 feet by 12 feet, making it one of the biggest beds on the planet. And this giant thing cost him about $23,000, which may seem like a bit much for a bed, but this big boy needs his sleep!

#12 Deuce McAllister’s Nissan Dealership

007--12-deuce-mcallister-s-nissan-dealership-201018Deuce made $70 Million during his career and managed to blow it all in three years after retirement. Instead of being smart with his money, he dumped it all into buying a Nissan dealership. The dealership went under and he also lost his house as a result of his bankruptcy. But surprisingly, this isn’t even the worst car-related offence on this list, just wait for number 13.

#11 Vince Young Buying Out an Entire Plane

008--11-vince-young-buying-out-an-entire-pla-201006In 2007, Vince Young found himself travelling from Houston to Nashville. And wanting to do so in private, he decided to purchase almost all of the 130 seats on a public flight. This reportedly cost him $20,000 or more for a few hours of peace and quiet. This was not worth it if you ask me. But hey, I don’t have $20,000 to waste.

#10 Gilbert Arena’s Swimming Pool

009--10-gilbert-arena-s-swimming-pool-201016While he is the owner of probably the worst contract in NBA history, Arenas will soon see it run out if he continues to spend unintelligently. Arenas spent over a million dollars on a swimming pool. There is even an entertainment complex under the pool – which is cool, but not needed. At least this next purchase had some sense to it…

#9 Curt Schilling’s Video Game Company

010--9-curt-schilling-s-video-game-company-201035For one reason or another, Curt Schilling decided to try to take on the big guns and massive studios and start a video game company. His company, 38 Studios, actually released a game that was well received. Unfortunately, soon after, the company imploded and shut down. As a result, Schilling lost a massive $50 Million in the failed venture.

#8 John Daly’s Gambling

011--8-john-daly-s-gambling-201033Daly is a golfer infamous for smoking on the course, his amazing power and also his massive gambling problem. Daly was so out of control that he once cashed out $1.65 Million in golf winnings to gamble, and somehow managed to lose every penny of it in 5 hours at the slot machines. Vegas wins again.

#7 Arian Foster’s Segways for his Offensive Line

012--7-arian-foster-s-segways-for-his-offens-200988Foster thought he was doing when he splurged on Segways for his five starting offensive lineman who makes his job easier every Sunday. However, the weight limit on them is about 260 lbs and the average lineman in the NFL is well over 300 pounds, so he wasted over $30,000 for nothing. This next one is for the car lovers…

#6 Jack Clark and His Luxury Cars

013--6-jack-clark-and-his-luxury-cars-201046While Jack Clark was an all-star and made a lot of money compared to the average person in his career, his spending went far beyond what she should have. Clark owned 17 vehicles that all cost six figures and he owed money on most of them before eventually filing bankruptcy with almost $7 Million in debt. The star of his collection was his Ferrari F40 which cost over $700,000.

#5 Darren McFadden’s Strange Car

014--5-darren-mcfadden-s-strange-car-201012While McFadden was a star for a while in the NFL and made a lot of money, this purchase is just plain dumb. He bought a 1972 Buick Centurion and then transformed it into something that the Joker would drive, with its purple color and ridiculous lift and giant wheels. This next guy should sound familiar to you…

#4 Mike Tyson’s Bengal Tigers

015--4-mike-tyson-s-bengal-tigers-201008There is no doubting a guy like Mike Tyson is pretty out there. A former champion boxer, he had a reputation for being a little wacky. Few people are the type of people to purchase wild cats, but Tyson is definitely one of them. In his bankruptcy report in 2013, it was revealed that these tigers cost him $140,000. In addition to that, they cost $12,000 a month to care for them, not cheap at all.

#3 The Shoe Collection of Jarret Jack

016--3-the-shoe-collection-of-jarret-jack-201030There is nothing quite like a nice pair of new shoes, and no one knows that better than NBA player Jarret Jack. He has over 1,500 pairs of shoes. There is almost no way he will ever wear even a quarter of these shoes and his collection is estimated at $375,000.

#2 Scottie Pippen’s Jet

017--2-scottie-pippen-s-jet-201002Pippen made a solid living in the NBA, but not sure it was enough to warrant buying a private jet. Well, in 2002, bought a Gulfstream jet for around $4 Million. That’s not even the worst thing, the jet needed over a Million dollars of work to actually fly and the jet ended up being grounded for years.

#1 Torii Hunter With the World’s Dumbest Investment

018--1-torii-hunter-with-the-world-s-dumbest-201024Investments are made every day, but this is one of the worst. Hunter invested a massive $70,000 in the idea of floating furniture. A man came to him with the idea for furniture with a built-in raft at the base for floods, and I guess Hunter loved it. Who knows, maybe a great flood will hit and we’ll all be the ones looking stupid.

So, as you can see, even if you make millions and millions of dollars a year, doesn’t mean you are automatically good with money, that takes education and time to learn the ins and outs of finance. Thankfully, most of the pro sports leagues offer financial help or classes to incoming rookies to help them deal with the buckets of money they make. But still, I won’t be shocked to see athletes continue to make stupid and frivolous purchases. It really is quite a shame to see these people throw away more money than most people will see in their entire lives.


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