You Won’t Believe These 18 Celebrities are Single

FeaturedSinglesThere is no doubting that celebrities are some of the most desirable individuals on the planet to date. Not only are most of them extremely attractive and successful in their own right, they are often multimillionaires. However, due to this fact, many of them are in relationships or married (often with other celebrities as well). However, there are indeed some celebrities that are in fact on the market. And while it may be impossible for most of us to date them, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! In this article we will look at 18 celebrities that you won’t believe are single, and number 10 is especially shocking!

#18 Rihanna

001--18-rihanna-305969When it comes to R&B singers and performers, few are more famous and successful than Rihanna, and she is still churning out hits. Though she has be rumored to have ties with Drake, she has been single since her very publicized split from Chris Brown. Check out the 14th entry for another one of today’s top musical acts that is also single.

#17 Kendall Jenner

Paris Fashion Week - 'Versace Show' Haute Fall/Winter 2015/2016This one is kind of a strange entry. One of the youngest in the Kardashian clan has been linked with a ton of different men in her few years in the spotlight from A$AP Rocky, to Harry Styles and even Justin Bieber. But it seems that she cannot keep her mind set on who she is dating and seems to change her mind weekly. For another single person who apparently also dated Jenner at one point, check out number 12.

#16 Kate Hudson

003--16-kate-hudson-308120While Kate Hudson’s star has faded a little bit from the mid-2000s where she was seemingly in every romantic comedy out there, she is still a desirable woman. While she has had a few relationships in Hollywood fail her, she is hoping the third time is the charm with her next relationship. You will be shocked to find this next celebrity player is currently single…

#15 John Mayer

57th GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsWhen it comes to dating a bunch of different famous celebrity women, Mayer has a black belt. He has been labelled a womanizer and has had relationships with people including Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and more. But as of right now, it seems he has taken a break from the dating scene to just date himself.

#14 Taylor Swift

005--14-taylor-swift--1547d527e30bc1aceb29111792496a41While she is gorgeous and extremely successful (perhaps the most successful artist of the 2010’s), she has had some really bad luck with a number of different relationships in the past. After her most recent breakup with Calvin Haris, she is single again. But knowing Taylor, that probably won’t be the case for long.