You Won’t Believe The Transformation This Trailer Went Through


FeaturedTrailerJunkyards are full of mysterious surprises and treasures just waiting to be found. Katy McLaughlin knew this and was willing to do whatever it took to transform a junkyard find into something truly amazing. It seems in our day and age, we’re looking for whatever we can to be found and upcycled into something of better use. The world is full of garbage, and sometimes instead of making something new, it can be a better idea to just take something old and finish it up! Katy knew this and decided to take a piece of garbage and turn it into something magical. See the transformation through the pictures ahead!

#18 Katy McLaughlin Was Just A Normal Businesswoman

001--18-katy-mclaughlin-was-just-a-normal-bu-324115Katy McLaughlin was just a normal businesswoman looking for her next project. She spotted something in a junkyard find. Most people would look at the trailer above and just see nothing but garbage. But Katy saw something different, and she had something pretty spectacular in mind for what she could do with the trailer.
#17 She Enlisted The Help Of A Builder

002--17-she-enlisted-the-help-of-a-builder-324117She decided to enlist the help of the best builder she knew. While she was a savvy businesswoman with good taste and a keen eye for a moneymaker, she was no carpenter, electrician, or plumber, and she definitely needed someone who was. Lucky for her, she had a friend who she believed could take on the project.

#16 It Was A Huge Fixer Upper

003--16-it-was-a-huge-fixer-upper-324147This project was going to be extremely challenging. As you can see from the picture, this was a massive fixer-upper! The place was totally wrecked, which makes sense as it was in a junkyard! But Katy was ready to accept the challenge. There was just one thing that might be extra challenging in the process…

#15 Nothing Is Salvageable

004--15-nothing-is-salvageable--324170Literally nothing from the trailer was salvageable! The entirety of the inside is complete garbage! The only thing she might be able to keep were the walls! But there were problems with those as well. Katy didn’t care, though, she was willing to invest a huge amount of time and money to follow through with her vision of what the trailer could be.

#14 Time To Put Up In The Shop

005--14-time-to-put-up-in-the-shop-324189Katy knew all of the challenges that may lie ahead. Oftentimes, when someone decides to embark on a huge makeover project like this, the beginning is just the start of numerous potential problems that someone might run into when remodeling equipment like this. But she was ready for what might lie ahead.
#13 Katy Won’t Back Down

006--13-katy-won-t-back-down--324213Katy wasn’t ready to give up on her dream of remodeling this trailer. She had a perfect vision as to what the place was going to be once the transformation was complete. She states that her parents raised her with values that inhibited her from giving up. So giving up was not an option for her.

#12 Progress Was Being Made Quickly

007--12-progress-was-being-made-quickly-324237After just a couple of months from the beginning of the renovation process, there is already a massive amount of progress being made on the once garbage trailer! You can already see from just this one picture that there are massive changes in store. But you won’t believe what the end result actually is!

#11 Let There Be Light

008--11-let-there-be-light-324292Katy had stated that she wanted the lighting to be very bright on the inside. This meant that there was going to be an intricate and beautiful lighting system being wired into the trailer. She also wanted more windows cut into the side. But what might she be creating that she would need such an extensive amount of lighting? Click through to find out!

#10 It’s A Beauty Salon

009--10-it-s-a-beauty-salon-324308It’s going to be a beauty salon! That’s right, Katy’s vision includes her desire to create an amazing and mobile beauty salon! Katy has always had a passion for cosmetology, so this makeover of the trailer is very important to her in order to create a unique business that she can run!

#9 Only Took About Four Months

010--9-only-took-about-four-months-324328Although the trailer was in complete shambles when it was first discovered, the transformation process surprisingly only took about four months! This might seem like a long time to some people, but Katy was pretty happy with the quick turnaround! The transformation is truly amazing. Click through to see the finished project.

#8 The Transformation Is Shocking

011--8-the-transformation-is-shocking-324349A transformation like this isn’t really achievable for anyone. Whoever might decide to embark on such a journey has to be really driven, passionate, and determined to follow through with finishing a project. But why was Katy so passionate about this particular project? Click through the rest to find out!

#7 It Has Everything You Need

012--7-it-has-everything-you-need-324373Katy’s goal was to create an actual beauty salon. Not just somewhere that someone could do their hair. From the pictures, you can clearly see that this was something she was definitely able to achieve! She’ll have sinks to wash hair, a place to cut a new do, and even a nice and comfortable waiting area!

#6 The Purpose Was To Be Closer To Home

013--6-the-purpose-was-to-be-closer-to-home-324389The point of doing a mobile salon was to try and attempt to have a place for people to do their hair that was a bit closer to home. Many women want to be able to get their hair done in their home, but they can’t because of certain health laws. This allows women to not have to travel so far to get their hair done!

#5 It Needs A Name!

014--5-it-needs-a-name--324425The only thing missing from the beautiful new trailer is that it needs a name! But Katy has something rather cute in mind for the mobile salon. She decides to call it Hair and There, a play on the saying here and there. It’s cute for people to say and stays true to the reality of the mobile salon!

#4 A Truly Unique Salon

015--4-a-truly-unique-salon-324441Katy is definitely not the first person in the world to think of a travelling mobile salon. However, it is clear from the transformations and just the interior alone that this is no average salon, let alone average mobile salon! Katy’s transformations and visions for the salon are truly unique and individual to her style.

#3 It’s Full Of Retro Nostalgia

016--3-it-s-full-of-retro-nostalgia-324463Katy wanted to create a place full of retro nostalgia. It’s clear from the transformations that she was able to achieve this. Not only is the trailer itself pretty retro on the outside, but the inside clearly shares that aesthetic as well. Everything from the color scheme to overall design makes this mobile home retro.

#2 It’s Very Cozy

017--2-it-s-very-cozy-324506Katy wanted to make a place that was very cozy. Cozy can sometimes mean cramped and close to each other, but it’s clear that this trailer is far from it. It’s bright and spacious and has plenty of room to do all the salon things that Katy will need to do throughout her time managing the mobile salon.

#1 The Transformation Is Remarkable

018--1-the-transformation-is-remarkable-324521The transformations that this trailer has gone through are truly remarkable. When Katy first got her trailer, people might have thought that she was a little crazy to try something like she did. But she was persistent and didn’t give up so she was able to achieve amazing things.

Doing something like what Katy did is not something easily achieved. She had a vision and she followed through with it completely from beginning to end! Junkyards are full of so many lost and forgotten vehicles and other pieces of equipment. But there are so many possibilities as to what the abandoned machines could be! It doesn’t even have to be some sort of automobile. There are plenty of other things that people see as garbage that other people might be inspired by! The possibilities are truly endless. People like Katy are creating amazing projects all over the world with things that other people just saw as garbage.