#7 Dwelling on the Thought


But even though he saw something in the river, he didn’t immediately know what it was and continued driving. At first, it looked like a rock bobbing up and down. But as he kept driving, he couldn’t stop thinking about what it was, and decided to head back and get a closer look.

#6 Return to the Site


As mentioned, the strangeness of the site bothered Peterson so much he had no choice but to go back to the river. Once he returned, he could now see what was really happening in the river. A deer had fallen through a hole in the ice and was frantically trying its best to escape the cold waters.

#5 Deciding What to Do



So now that Peterson knew something was wrong, he struggled with what to do next. He could try calling in authorities, but knew that his disability could make it difficult to communicate with them. He knew that his best bet was to give it his all, and save the animal himself.

#4 Daring Attempt



His options were fairly limited, so he knew that he had to risk his own life by going out on the frozen river. But this was no easy task, as there were some parts of the river that had very thick layers of ice. One wrong step, and Peterson could easily become another victim of the icy waters.

#3 The Risk Was Worth It


He decided that it was worth the risk to save this deer. He ventured onto the ice with a long tree branch and a trailer strap. He knew that as a deaf man, he was running a huge risk as if the ice cracks around him, he wouldn’t be able to hear it. As a result, he would have to keep his eyes peeled.