You Won’t Believe The Lengths This Deaf Man Went To Save a Frozen Deer



Kind people seemingly have an inherent desire inside them to preserve life and help someone out when things are getting rough. This doesn’t just apply to humans, but some animals as well. When we see or hear an animal struggling, it is second nature for us to quickly burst into action to help in any way that we can. Well when a man (who happens to be deaf) was driving down the road, he noticed a deer was fighting for its life inside of a river of freezing cold water. Knowing the deer would die if he didn’t help, he knew he had to move quickly.


#12 The Unforgiving Environment


Of all the states, Minnesota might just be the coldest of them all. The winters are terrible there and the freezing waters in the rivers and lakes can potentially be fatal. That is why one disabled man is being heralded as a hero for risking his own safety to save an animal that would have died.

#11 Kettle River


This heroic rescue took place on the partially frozen Kettle River. This river is located in eastern Minnesota and during the winter, the top of the river turns into ice. However, the ice isn’t always that thick, which can turn it into a potentially dangerous situation for anyone or anything that walks over it.

#10 The Hero


So when a deer got caught in the frozen waters, a hero emerged in the form of Steven Peterson. Peterson is a 50-year-old master woodworker with a knack for fixing things. He also happens to be deaf. But he didn’t let that stop him for a second when he noticed a deer was in major trouble.

#9 Interesting Way of Telling His Story


Due to the fact he is deaf, Peterson couldn’t tell his story to others in a traditional sense. Peterson resorted to using American Sign Language and writing in response to questions from journalists for his local paper. Despite his disability, people had to see and hear about his amazing act of heroism.

#8 Driving Home


The story all started on Interstate 35. Peterson was just driving on his way home from visiting some family in Missouri and then noticed something out of the corner of his eye. As he was crossing the river in his car, he noticed that something just wasn’t right on the surface.