You Won’t Believe The Cancer Story Of This Miracle Dog



Cancer is one of the worst things for anyone to experience in their lives. Almost everyone you know probably knows someone who has been affected by the horrible illness. Cancer can strike anyone at any time, and it seems as though everything causes it! No matter how hard we might try to avoid it, for some, getting cancer is inevitable. No one wants to find out that they have it, and for people who do, life can feel a bit devoid of beauty and miracles.

That’s why Maverick’s story is one for the ages. Read on to see a survivor story that truly defies all the odds. You truly won’t believe this miracle dog’s amazing story!

#12 Maverick Was Unfortunately Diagnosed With Cancer


Maverick was an innocent lab who was diagnosed with cancer. He had suffered for a little bit from the illness, but he wasn’t ready to give up yet. He had a supportive family, and together, they did what they could to get Maverick through this tough and trying time.

#11 At One Point, They Thought He Would Be Fine



It appeared as though Maverick was making a quick recovery, so the family was ecstatic to find out they wouldn’t be losing their beloved dog just yet. But cancer is an ugly illness, and Maverick’s challenging journey wasn’t over just yet. They feared things might have taken the opposite direction…

#10 But Cancer Reared Its Ugly Head Again

003--10-but-cancer-reared-its-ugly-head-agai-590217But just as quickly as Maverick appeared to be doing much better from the cancer, he ended up declining just as quickly. Maverick soon lost the ability to use his back legs, and it didn’t seem promising that he was going to make a quick recovery like he had last time.

#9 They Decided To Give Him A Great Last Day


The family made the tough decision to have a last day of celebration for Maverick. They figured he wouldn’t be recovering, so it was time to give him a big send-off full of fun activities in order to celebrate his life and make it easier for them all to move on from the tragedy.