You Won’t Believe The Amazing...

You Won’t Believe The Amazing Transformation Of This Man’s Backyard


When it comes to home improvement, the only limit is your own imagination. We’ve seen countless stories of dramatic home renovation and landscaping projects that inspire with their creativity and thoughtfulness, but the one you’re about to see definitely takes the cake. You simply won’t believe the amazing transformation his back yard went through.

We’ll kick things off by taking a look at his lifeless and boring yard, and the unique steps he took to transform it into the crown jewel of his homestead. Slide #8 will give you a pretty good idea of the scope of his project, and by slide #2, you won’t believe you’re even looking at the same yard!


#12 The Beginning


The yard was not anything to write home about at the beginning of the transformation process. The grass was very sparse and was even dead in various sections of the yard. The family had their work cut out for them, but to be honest, any change at all would have been an improvement.

#11 Potential


Despite the pretty bad shape the yard was in at this point, it had some potential. This aerial shot shows the backyard as a whole. It had a large fence on one side, and a patio on the other side. While it would take some hard work, the potential was there, and it would soon be realized.

#10 The Structure Being Created


The plan was for a pond to go right in the middle of the backyard and for that, the family hired a back hoe to get the job done easier. Once the hole was dug up, you can get a better look at the plans for the backyard. Now that all of the groundwork has been done, they can get ready to build.

#9 Family Affair


But they didn’t only use hired hands to fix up their backyard — quite the opposite, actually. Everyone in the family did their part to help the process along. It not only helped the work get done faster, but also allowed for some fantastic family bonding as they all shared in this cool experience.

#8 Setting the Felt


Now that the big hole was completely dug and shaped in the correct way, we can really see the start of this very cool swimming hole. Once it was dug, the felt was laid down and secured, which made the hole begin to look like the pond which would soon be the focal point of this amazing backyard.

#7 The Heart of the Pond


While this may look just like a garage, it is actually a very important part of the pond. This is a look at the filter system that the family created to circulate the water for the pond. Each barrel has a different material for filtering so that when the water gets back to the pond, it is completely clean.

#6 Taking Shape


With everything laid down, they could begin to really start to build the pond. They spent hours filling it with rocks to add stability to the pond and make it look good. After the rock, the floor tiles were put down and what was once a hole in the ground, now looked like the foundation of a beautiful pond.

#5 Water Added


With the foundation all set and sturdy, it was time to add water to the pond. With the water in it, the pond was almost complete and thus, the entire project was nearing the finish line. They also added a new privacy wall, which adds to the seclusion and beauty of this backyard.

#4 Light It Up


Not only does this oasis look great during the day, but also at night. This is because the family decided to add some underwater lighting to the pond to really make it even cooler. This makes it a perfect place for a nice swim or soak after the sun has gone down for the day.

#3 Winter Friendly


And while this place was definitely built as a summer pond, as it turns out, it is also perfect for the winter. The pond freezes over nicely and transforms into a nice little skating rink in the colder months. A true two-for-one special that this family may not have even planned for.

#2 The Deck


And while the pond looked nice, there was more to do in the backyard before it could be seen as complete. Next up was to build the deck. The deck extended along the sunroom and was overlooking the pond. Add in some nice landscaping and this backyard transformation was almost complete.

#1 Finished Product


After months and months of hard work, the backyard was finally complete and it was gorgeous. In total, the family spent about $34,000 on the new backyard that included a nice deck, a ton of great landscaping work and an amazing pool. This is truly a tranquil location that anyone would love to spend a day at.

If you say that isn’t one of the most beautiful backyards you have ever seen, you’d be lying. While it is of course gorgeous, the most amazing and coolest part of this entire story is the transformation. His backyard at the beginning was about as basic as you can get, and he could have easily just left it like that. But with some time, hard work and a bit of money, he was able to transform it into an oasis that anyone would love to call their own. This is a great example of how going above and beyond can really pay off for the better.


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