You Won’t Believe How Dumb These 12 Criminals Are


The world is full of smart and brilliant people. These people are at the forefront of the growth of our industries and are innovating the next big things. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are people who are seemingly too stupid to function in the world. While those people are often not smart enough to do basic things, for some reason, they decide that committing crimes is right for them, and they fail spectacularly. Here are 12 of the stupidest criminals out there whose plans were ruined before they even got started. Number 6 is particularly clueless.

#12 The Cocaine Girls


The Cocaine Girls were a pair of twentysomethings who were posting pictures of themselves traveling the world on Instagram. However, they weren’t models, they were actually drug smugglers. They were caught by police with nearly $30 million in cocaine, which was enough to put them away for life in prison.

#11 Call-in Bank Robbery


Calling in and making an appointment is usually good protocol, unless you are robbing a bank. Well, Albert Bailey thought he would call the bank ahead of time and tell them to leave some money out for him. To the shock of the bank staff, he actually did come and attempt to rob the place. Of course, the police were waiting for him when he arrived. Check out the number 5 entry for another terrible robber.

#10 Brag About Crimes on YouTube


When you are a criminal with a serious rap sheet, the last thing you should do is brag about it online. Well, that is exactly what this idiot did. She bragged on YouTube about stealing a car and robbing a bank. The next person obviously didn’t think their attempted crime through very well, either.

#9 Car Thief Doesn’t Know How to Drive


If you are going to steal a car, you better make sure it is one you can actually drive. This thief didn’t think it through as he attempted to a steal a truck, only to find out it was a manual. After stalling a few times, he just decided to run away and chalk this one up as a loss. The next man might want to brush up his knowledge of the law.

#8 Can’t Burgle During the Day


Now this is one is just pure stupidity. For some reason, this man decided to break into his mother’s house in broad daylight. It was only after he was arrested that he revealed the true depth of his stupidity. He protested the charge of burglary, believing that you could only call it that if it occurred at night. He broke into his mom’s house during the day, so that’s not against the law, right?

#7 Self-Knockout

006--7-self-knockout-581582After walking by a Mercedes, this man decided he wanted it. First, he tried to break the windows with a rock, which did not work. After this, he tried the same with a brick and not only did it not work, it actually came back and hit him right in the face, knocking him out in the process.

#6 He Stole My Drugs!


This woman just wanted to relax with a joint on her 25th birthday, but discovered that her boyfriend had pilfered her stash. Angered by the theft of her drugs, she called the police and explained the situation. Calling the police to report that your illegal drugs have been stolen is a bold move, and it obviously didn’t work out too well for her.

#5 Victim Follow-Up


A man broke into an elderly couple’s home and demanded some money. When they revealed they didn’t have any, he made a plan to meet with them the next day so they could give him money. Shockingly, he actually showed up to the meeting and was arrested as the couple had just alerted police the night before.

#4 Held Up With a Cucumber


This has to be one of the strangest robbery attempts ever. A man walked into a gambling establishment and demanded that the teller give him some cash. Unfortunately for him, an off-duty officer was behind him and took the robber down, and then realized the only weapon he had was a cucumber.

#3 Thief Blinds Himself


Wearing a mask during a robbery is probably a good idea, but you should make sure it is one you can actually see through. This crook didn’t bother with a mask with eye holes and as a result, he couldn’t see where he was going. He decided to take off the mask right in front of the camera. The people in the next entry came up with the worst attempt at a disguise ever.

#2 Permanent Marker Doesn’t Make a Good Disguise


While the last criminal had a terrible mask, at least he had one. These two were seen by witnesses breaking into a building, and had the bright idea to draw permanent marker all over their faces, thinking that would suffice. Of course, it did not, and the men were arrested and have some of the funniest mug shots ever.

#1 Posting Crimes on Instagram


The men in this picture committed a big no-no when they posted about their robberies on social media. Using the photos as evidence, police got a search warrant for their home, and hit the motherload. They found over $250,000 worth of stolen goods and prime suspect Dupree Johnson was given 142 different charges.

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I said these people are some of the dumbest criminals in history. While committing crimes might seem like a good idea for some quick cash, it rarely pays off. This goes double when you’re an idiot who can’t pull off an elaborate and successful heist. But as you can see by these examples, their plans were doomed from the beginning with these people at the helm. Not only were these terrible crimes embarrassing for them, they also got them in a lot of trouble. But I guess it’s not surprising that a lot of people who commit crimes aren’t that smart.


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