Yes, This Cruise Ship Is Perched On...

Yes, This Cruise Ship Is Perched On A Cliff, Is Real, Is Going Nowhere

Here’s a brainteaser: How does a massive cruise ship end up on top of a cliff? Natural causes—a tsunami, maybe? In 2011, the 9.0 magnitude Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami did pick up and drop ships across different inland locations.

Perhaps it was placed there strategically by engineers and scientists? In 2014, the beached Costa Concordia was floated and towed away from its crash site.

The truth is that neither natural causes nor magic tricks put this vessel where it’s rested for over 14 years. Read on to learn more about the story behind this South Korean ship-on-a-cliff.


12. It’s Not Photoshopped

001-12-it-s-not-photoshopped-cc5a9952d0be71486207c589356195c6This picture is not a Photoshop job. The big boat, called “The Sun Cruise,” is safely perched on top of a dry, rocky cliff in the city of Jeongdongjin on South Korea’s east coast.

And the boat is real, too. You’re more than welcome to step inside and even stay the night.

11. It’s Never Been In Water

002-11-it-s-never-been-in-water-a77bb94e891c4110fc21dd6fc4cdc415This ship opened for business in 2002 as the first of its kind in the world. Located in the South Korean town of Jeongdongjin, the structure overlooks a beach resort and the Sea of Japan. At 541 feet long and 148 tall, the vessel has 211 guest rooms and six restaurants.

10. No Plans On Moving

003-10-no-plans-on-moving-add9129fb9151be732ac8d9a666896c8In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the cruise ship on a cliff is a resort and hotel! It’s called The Sun Cruise Resort Yacht, and it was built on land with almost all of the amenities found on a cruise at sea.

Pictured here is the hotel’s inspiration: A Royal Caribbean International Sovereign Class cruise ship.

9. Plenty To Do

004-9-plenty-to-do-422f7ecfb97024e4a1bc71ff21b74438There are landscaped gardens adjacent to the Sun Cruise, pictured here. The park features a variety of sculptures, as well as an observation area with a glass floor suspended above the sea.

Fishermen sail into the Sea of Japan to catch Pacific saury, abalone, and sole. The town is a picturesque destination and a favorite spot among locals.

8. By The Numbers

005-8-by-the-numbers-0521833417dadf4322dd817fac140a2fThere are 211 rooms in this hotel, including bedrooms and apartments. Six function rooms allow for banquets and gatherings of all types, and six restaurants serve Korean and European food.

The rotating top-floor bar gives visitors a panoramic view of the horizon. There’s also a golf range, volleyball court, and fitness club.

7. Picturesque Views

006-7-picturesque-views-24c95bf4c5369ed977c476193d5b0fb4There’s a railway station running alongside the sandy beach, creating a great landscape for photos. Jeongdongjin is known for its views of the sunrise and sunset over the Sea of Japan.

When the sun rises over the ocean, it outlines the train station and pine trees, creating a sight straight out of a fairytale.

6. No Sea Sickness Here

007-6-no-sea-sickness-here-dcd0044a157b467a7ea55625a2b78949The 30,000-ton structure isn’t going anywhere, making this a perfect experience for any travelers prone to motion sickness.

Sounds of crashing waves are played over speakers throughout the hotel, enhancing the cruise ship theme. The resort’s swimming pool is filled with saltwater, adding to the authenticity.

5. Cruise Without The Cost

008-5-cruise-without-the-cost-e58b7ba820954772bd2a89ed2956ba37There are no fuel costs or crew members needed to operate this boat, so the resort offers a cruise-like experience at much more affordable rates. Family-sized rooms, complete with views of the sea, rent for around 220,000 South Korean Won per night ($197 in U.S. dollars). All of the resort’s guest rooms feature en-suite bathrooms, too.

4. Top Floor

009-4-top-floor-74a4a844ab63c2501082ecf8a67ae62fOn the resort’s 10th floor, the Sky Lounge is built with wraparound windows that show off panoramic views of the coast below. The bar is well-stocked and can seat 170 guests.

Party animals will find themselves at home in the karaoke room. It’s stocked with a high-tech sound system, video projector, and disco lighting.

3. Weddings, Parties, Anything

010-3-weddings-parties-anything-3f35412313671e54c27fc2160cf1b60cThere’s a wedding hall on board for marrying couples, with room for 1,000 guests. Convention rooms are furnished for meetings, parties, and gatherings, as well.

Before the construction of the Sun Cruise, Jeongdongjin was one of the lesser-known tourist spots in South Korea. The resort spurred tourism growth to the region, and it’s accessible from the Jeongdongjin harbor, train station, or the nearby Moraeshigae Park.

2. Saltwater And Sun

011-2-saltwater-and-sun-d9b28b9534107d3ad257e3fe44de4bf4The resort’s surrounding grounds allow for more amenities than even the nicest cruise ships, including a massive in-ground saltwater pool. Other activities include zip lining and scuba diving.

History buffs will enjoy the nearby outdoor naval museum, as well as an old South Korean battleship and a damaged North Korean submarine on display.

1. High Up

012-1-high-up-3f64532fb7f3ce73d3863dbc46c82cb4The structure may be safe and not rocked by ocean waves, but it’s perched high above ground, so anyone who’s afraid of heights might not enjoy their stay. Still, Jeongdongjin is revered as one of the very best spots in South Korea for toasting the New Year.

Interested in a visit? Learn more at

The Sun Cruise was the first resort of its kind, and it’s proven to be a successful tourist attraction. A traveler reviewed the Sun Cruise on and mentioned that an add-on ship is currently under construction, expected to be finished by May 2017. Other reviews are mixed, ranging from “overpriced” to “quirky and unique.” Travelers all seem to agree on one thing, though: The hotel’s got incredible ocean views.

In 2003, a similar hotel was opened in Turkey by Titanic Hotels. The hotel, named The Titanic, looks nothing like the ocean liner that sank in April 1912.


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