Yes, You Can “Overdose” On Masturbation. Here’s What Happens

Masturbation feels good. There’s no doubt about. So does eating pizza, drinking alcohol, long distance running and watching cat videos. Just because all of these activities feel good though, doesn’t mean one should do them all the time. While it’s true masturbation is now widely accepted in today’s society (with doctors even praising it for health benefits) don’t go jerking it 24/7.

There are plenty of reasons out there supporting this argument but today let’s just look at a few of them. Number eight will make you wonder why you ever enjoyed “spanking the salami” in the first place.


10. Quality Versus Quantity

Quality versus quantity. The age old debate (more like the age-old masturbate, right?). Bad jokes aside, when talking about masturbation, the topic of quality versus quantity always comes up. The more you masturbate, the less concerned you are about having a high-quality wank. Instead, you want to reach satisfaction as quickly as possible. If not careful, practicing this strategy could carry on to other aspects of life.

9. Say Goodbye To Real Sex

While there is no real evidence linking masturbation to less sex, it’s safe to say more masturbation equals less motivation. Just think about how much harder you’d try to have real, physical connections with other people if you weren’t ever allowed to masturbate. Go ahead. Try it and see what happens.

8. The Battle Of Impossible Expectations

Think about your dream girl and or guy. Now masturbate to that person. Feels good, right? Well, hopefully, you keep track of that memory because you’ll never meet that person in real life. When masturbating, we set such high expectations that our sexual partners in real life can’t live up to. This leads to a disappointing sex life and failed relationships. If that wasn’t enough to “ween you off the wack,” read on to number five for something that will really blow your load.

7. Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling And…Masturbation?

Masturbation is a fun and engaging way to spend a couple of minutes, but there are some serious dangers involved. Masturbation is addicting, much like drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Some people “OD” on jerking to the point where it affects their personal life. When it gets out of control like that, make sure to seek outside counseling.

6. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Masturbation may cause your penis to swell. Don’t get excited though. Bigger isn’t always better. Furthermore, a rash often accompanies the swelling due to the various soaps and lotions one uses. In some extreme cases, the penis even becomes infected from dirty hands. As the old saying goes “If you must beat the meat, then keep clean your feet” (or hands in this case).

5. Bye Bye Baby

Here’s a little scientific fact. The more you masturbate, the lower your sperm count. For some, this is a blessing. For those trying to conceive though, this presents a dilemma. Besides making it harder to have a baby, lower sperm counts make for a host of other negative side effects. Google it. That’s far from the worst, though. After reading number one, you’ll keep your hands at least five feet (1.5 meters) away from your penis at all times.

4. Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

You’d think that after years of masturbation, you’d become a sex god-machine. Sorry but that’s far from the case. Frequent masturbators often experience premature ejaculation in real sex. It’s an embarrassing moment for him her and anyone else involved. So stop practicing that jerking technique and start practicing those kegel exercises.

3. The Master Of Loneliness

Being a master masturbator also coincides with being a master of loneliness. Going off the last slide here, if you can’t please your significant other sexually, there is a higher chance of them leaving you. When they leave, that means you are alone. Just you and the cock. Thus begins a never ending circle of masturbating because you are alone and being alone because you masturbate too much.

2. Orgasm Or Hair?

Orgasm or hair? Choose one. According to professor and sex therapist Dr. Hernando Chavez, chronic masturbation leads to an overproduction of sex hormones. Currently, there is supporting research stating that increased testosterone production is also linked to DHT production, which is then linked to male pattern hair loss. So once again, orgasm or hair? Your call.

1. Is Masturbation A Game?


Yes. It’s a game that gets increasingly more difficult as you play it. Reaching that perfect, climax orgasm might be easy now, but give it time, young one. Sooner or later, not even the porniest porn will get you off. You’ll wander the web in search of something, anything to help you orgasm but it will never come. You are too jaded. You jerked it just one too many times.


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