Aside from Hollywood stars, WWE stars are one of the most watched entertainers. We all know it’s scripted but fans still can’t get enough. There’s no shame in the game, no matter how dirty you play. Any publicity is good publicity.

And since the WWE superstars have fans all over the world, they spend most of their time traveling together, training together and fighting.  So it’s no surprise that most of them end up hooking up. Especially, if you were surrounded by tons of attractive and feisty wrestlers. Even world champion wrestlers aren’t strong enough to withstand that kind of torture!

From one night stands to years of marriage, the WWE is known for its undercover romances and non-stop drama. Sometimes real-life stories head into the TV storylines. Here’s a list of 12 super juicy, secret relationships that existed within the WWE that no one wanted you to find out about. The WWE stars who slept with each other.

12. Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett

Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett managed to keep their illicit relationship almost completely secret until Total Divas exposed it to the public. Alicia was caught on camera discussing how hard it was to get over Wade.

Since we know so little about their romance, it’s hard to tell exactly how long they were together. But it’s estimated to be at least a couple of years from 2011-2014. For Alicia, getting over Wade was so hard because he was her first love. You never forget something that important! Unfortunately, Wade just didn’t see a future with her and knew it was for the best to end the relationship. Hopefully, Alicia was able to move on from her heartbreak.

11. Edge and Lita

Edge and Lita are some of the big names in WWE. So when they hooked up, while they were both in relationships with other people it instantly became a headline. Both these WWE Superstars have had reputations for being homewreckers, so it’s no surprise they ended up together.

Lita was with Matt Hardy at the time and Edge was married to his second wife, Lisa Ortiz. The Lita-Edge-Hardy love triangle gave way to creative wrestling story lines that got the public hooked. So not only did they both have to face the music in their own lives, but they had to be publicly shamed for infidelity in the ring. Which, let’s be honest, was well deserved. Edge and Lita really only lasted as a couple long enough for the story to play out on TV, and thankfully today Edge is happily married to Beth Phoenix. Let’s just hope it lasts!

10. Edge and Beth Phoenix

It’s undeniable that both Edge and Beth were great wrestlers when they were at the peak of their careers. Edge won 31 titles over the course of his career and Beth was one of the well-loved Divas from the WWE. The two kept their relationship going for 5 or more years before finally getting married in October of 2016.

Even though they have two children together, they did their best to stay out of the spotlight until Edge was forced to retire due to repeated neck injuries. This was neither of their first marriages; Beth had been married once before and Edge twice. Let’s hope third time’s a charm for Edge.

9. Eden Stiles and Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes and his beautiful model girlfriend (now wife) Brandi Reed kept their relationship pretty much under wraps the entire time they were working for the WWE. Reed, who went by the name Eden Stiles while she was the ring announcer for SmackDown, was overflowing with excitement for their relationship but made sure to keep it under wraps until she was free from her contract.

The first time she left the WWE in 2011 she publicly announced that she was “Cody’s girl” with pride. She did eventually return to the show to work with Cody. They later wrote the couple’s engagement into the show, firing Rhodes just in time for him to take a honeymoon. Today, both Cody and Brandi have officially left the WWE to pursue new interests. Their relationship is stronger than ever!

8. Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler

In December of 2015, Rusev called out Dana and Dolph for using Twitter too much as a means of communication. Maybe he was tired of watching them flirt all day and asked them to text instead. There’s nothing worse than being the third wheel, and this sounds like the familiar annoyance of friends in a budding romance!

It makes sense that the two would eventually hook up. They’re both very serious about their careers and, coincidently, both from Ohio. They still haven’t gone public with the relationship but spend holidays together and post an awful lot of photos snuggled up together. Is this just a past time? Or is it the real deal? 

7. CM Punk and Lita

Before AJ, there was Lita. Actually, let’s be honest – who hasn’t CM Punk slept with? He’s certainly made his way through the gorgeous ladies of the WWE and this time was no different. Lita, the string-sporting, fiery red head famous for winning the WWE Women’s Championship on four separate occasions, also had a bit of a reputation for sleeping around.

She has been linked to different wrestlers, including Punk. Actually, CM Punk and Lita are rumored to have hooked up a couple of times. They were together both before and after her uber-public relationship with Matt Hardy. What’s funny about these two is that Lita was a huge inspiration for AJ in her career. Hopefully these two finally settles down.

6. Triple H and Chyna

Chyna and Triple H had a very rocky relationship in the 90’s and early 2000’s where she made claims that he physically abused her, which he denied. You wouldn’t want to get hit by Triple H, that’s for sure! She also said that he cheated on her with Stephanie McMahon, which was evidently true because he left her for Stephanie and they got married in 2003.

True love or not, this was the best move Paul “Triple H” Levesque could have made. As he’s now the WWE’s executive vice president of talent, live events, and creative. Upon Chyna’s death in spring of 2016, he publicly claimed she was a “pioneer whose star shined bright”. Seems like all the bad blood from their former romance is now water under the bridge.

5. Tyson Kidd and Natalya

Natalya and Tyson “TJ” Kidd met in the early 2000’s while TJ was training in Florida. In 2008, Natalya became his manager. The couple then got married in 2013 after 10 years of living together. Ten years of courtship before tying the knot. The two made a picture perfect couple but after fighting Samoa Joe in 2015, TJ suffered a serious spine injury.

What makes this relationship secretive today is that Natalya opens up about almost everything else on Total Divas except her relationship with her husband. Is he ok? Are they still together? Yes, they’re still happily married, but Tyson Kidd has opted out of the series. Hopefully, Natalya doesn’t fall for someone at work. Poor TJ.

4. AJ Lee and CM Punk

So by now, we all know that AJ and CM tied the knot. I guess once you’re married nothing is a secret anymore. But while they were dating, this relationship was super secretive. Shortly after the two were married on Friday, June 13th, a photo was tweeted showing them in innocent, marital bliss.

But the Punk wasn’t too happy about this and demanded the photo be taken down. And that he would block anyone who posted photos of his wedding as a replacement for not being able to punch them in the face. It’s understandable that he wanted a little privacy for his special day but who wouldn’t want to see this couple get hitched? Especially after being known as a notorious womanizer.

3. John Morrison and Melina

John and Melina had a very long and very messy relationship that involved accusations of cheating and abuse. In fact, the last fight needed the police. After that, Melina mostly stayed out of the limelight while John moved on to independent acting and wrestling contracts.

Apparently, Melina was bullied a lot backstage and was having a hard time dealing with it. Being a WWE Diva can’t be an easy job, that’s for sure. What’s even juicier about this complex relationship is that Melina was rumored to have been dating Dave Batista. Maybe knowing his lady was with another man in her spare time really put him over the edge. She denies it, saying he was merely a supportive friend in a time of need, but their relationship ultimately ended over this disagreement. John was the jealous type.

2. Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber

This secret affair came crashing down on Rollins’ long-term relationship with Leighla Schultz when nude photos of Zahra were posted on Rollins’ Twitter and Instagram accounts. Seth and Leighla had been engaged for almost a year when the explicit photos came out. Leighla shamelessly posted these for-bedroom-only photos of Seth online to get her revenge before dumping him.

After proudly posting them on her social media, Zahra was fired from the WWE but held onto Seth for a bit longer than Leighla, about a year longer, to be exact. Then they silently went their separate ways in the spring of 2016 and seem to be working out as friends. What a turbulent relationship!

1. Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler

Thanks to Total Bellas, everyone knows Nikki Bella and John Cena are enjoying marital bliss. It’s almost surprising to see how happy they are since he isn’t ready to settle down and have kids right now. Was John Cena her one true WWE love? Apparently not.

Before John there was Dolph. Early on both their WWE careers, they were a hot item. The relationship lasted for a few years between 2008 and 2010 but eventually, they ended the relationship. Recently, Ziggler came back to Nikki’s life declaring his undying love for her and asking her to leave John for him because he is ready to be a father. Nikki doesn’t seem too convinced, but if I were John I wouldn’t exactly be thrilled!

Not only is the show full of drama but as well as the WWE stars’ lives. Well, that’s what you get for being unfaithful. Everybody knows that infidelity will always end up in drama. And the enterprise uses that to make fans more hooked.

Although it’s not always drama because some of these secret relationships ended up in marital bliss. It may not always be the case, so better stick to someone who’s unattached rather than live a life full of drama. Besides, nobody wants their nude photos posted online, right?


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