Orange is the New Black is just one recent cult hit show that changed the way we watch television. The Netflix series was one of the first original shows the streaming service had to offer, and it proved to be a hit from the start. The serialized show garnered so much attention that it broke records in the ratings across multiple seasons.

With popularity comes fame for the wide range of cast members who embody the inmates of the fictional Litchfield penitentiary. That said, cast members have done an excellent job of keeping some things about their private lives under wraps — until now.

We’ve compiled a top 10 list of facts and looks that would blow any fan’s mind. Head on over to slide 10 for a shocker.

10. Crazy Eyes’ Red Carpet Look

You may know her as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on the show, but there’s nothing crazy looking about actress Uzo Aduba. The actress is barely recognizable when she hits the red carpet thanks to her transformation.

Aduba revealed she actually tried out for a different role in the series before writers decided to dream up a character based on her audition. Now that’s impressive!

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9. Yael Stone’s Accent Is Fake

Actress Yael Stone is known for playing Lorna Morello, the loud Italian who has a thick New York accent, but did you know that her distinct voice isn’t her real speaking voice? Stone is actually Australian and grew up in Sydney. In order to nail down her east coast accent, Stone walked around Boston with a tape recorder to pick up a variation of voices.

8. Blanca’s Got It Going On

In the first season of Orange is the New Black audiences were introduced to Blanca Flores as one of the most unhygienic of the ladies in the prison. From the very beginning, she had a raw honesty about her and didn’t seem to care what anyone thought of her unkempt appearance. In real life, actress Laura Gómez is simply stunning.

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7. Selenis Leyva Has A Trans Sister

Orange is the New Black is a show that tackles important issues that point to the cultural and socioeconomic landscape we live in. The show is big on inclusion when it comes to telling everyone’s story. One of the issues it’s been praised for depicting is trans issues thanks to real life trans actress Laverne Cox. That said, did you know this depiction hits home for someone else from the cast? Actress Selenis Leyva, who plays Gloria Mendoza on the show, has a trans sister.

6. Dascha Polanco’s Glowing Confidence

Actress Dascha Polanco may wear no makeup to portray inmate Dayanara Diaz, but in her real life, not only does she look nothing like the character she plays but she has a killer red carpet style. Recently, the curvy actress has received praise for showing off her full-figured body for a sexy bikini photo shoot.

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5. Lea DeLaria’s Big Debut

Actress Lea DeLaria’s Big Boo is loved for her loud brash ways and according to the actress, there’s little difference in their personalities. They’re both loud, proud and out members of the LGBT community. In fact, DeLaria, who got started as a comedian, was the first out comedienne to appear on late night television. Her first appearance was on The Arsenio Hall Show in the early 90s.

4. Emma Myles Is A Real Knock Out

Leanne Taylor (played by Emma Myles) is known as one of the resident meth heads in the prison, but did you know in real life Myles is a knock out? She may look the part on the television show but in real life, she’s always been red carpet ready.

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3. Natasha Lyonne’s Art Imitating Life

Actress Natasha Lyonne plays heroin addict Nicky Nichols on the show. During a flashback episode, we saw Nichols’ jarring scar on her chest after she needed heart surgery due to her drug addiction. Lyonne later admitted that the scar and Nichols’ story are very similar to her own as she is a recovering addict.

2. Laverne Cox’s Twin Brother

Laverne Cox has brought a new understanding to the daily struggles of trans lives. She’s brought a face to a generation of maligned and oppressed people, but she isn’t alone in telling that story. Her twin brother plays her character, Sofia, pre-trans. Originally, when casting for the role, production’s dream was to find a trans person who had a twin to play both sides of the role. Looks like they got their wish.

1. Samira Wiley’s Orange Connection

Actress Samira Wiley may no longer be on the Orange is the New Black set thanks to the tragic death of her character Poussey, but she still has an Orange connection. She’s married to longtime girlfriend and a writer of the show, Lauren Morelli, who she met and started dating while on the show.

There you have it! Those are the most shocking secrets behind the hit series Orange is the New Black. From surprising relatives who are tied into the series in their own ways to shocking transformations that have left all of us speechless, the cast of the Netflix show had a ton of little tidbits just waiting to be “exposed.” If you found yourself shocked by how different some of these actresses appear from the characters they play on the small screen, it’s just a testament to how talented this large cast is.

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