You Won’t Believe What Vegas ...

You Won’t Believe What Vegas Looked Like 60 Years Ago

featured-imageWhen you think of bright lights, famous music, and nonstop partying, what city comes to mind? Many people would probably mention Las Vegas. And they’re definitely not wrong. Vegas nowadays is known as the ultimate place to let loose.

But Vegas hasn’t always been this way. Photos discovered in an abandoned casino show the town as it was over 60 years ago, and the differences are absolutely breathtaking. The town definitely isn’t what it used to be, though you can see the groundwork for the Vegas we all know and love.

But see for yourself in these 14 pictures from the early days of the City of Lights. Number 1 could explain why Vegas is sometimes called Sin City!


#14 It Used To Be A Lot Smaller

001-14-it-used-to-be-a-lot-smaller-031f7b2f443a27fad16682dbda71b62dEven compared to some cities today, Las Vegas isn’t really that big in size or population. But 60 years ago when most of these pictures were taken, the city was downright tiny. The city started out small, but as you see throughout these photos, the size never stopped people from living large!

#13 The Stars Are High And Bright

002-13-the-stars-are-high-and-bright-722165This incredible image was taken at the Stardust Hotel. An interesting thing to know about this photograph is that those performers are actually dancers taken from the Lido Nightclub in Paris! The performers were so talented that they flew them into the shows in Vegas to bring in even more profits!

#12 The Pools Were Smaller

003-12-the-pools-were-smaller-715042When you visit Las Vegas now, you’ll see some of the largest swimming pools in the country! But in the 50s, the pools weren’t nearly as big. One of the reasons for the tiny pools was the lack of property that the people actually owned. It also was quite expensive to fill and maintain such a large pool in the middle of the desert!

#11 It Used To Be So Empty

004-11-it-used-to-be-so-empty-722168Before this was Sin City, known for all the wonder and amazement you see today, it was just a big plain desert full of small buildings. If you’ve been to Vegas now, you know that you’ll never see buildings as tiny as this. You probably won’t even see as much desert life within the city either!

#10 The King Frequented Sin City

005-10-the-king-frequented-sin-city-722172Nowadays, Vegas is known for hosting concerts, stand-up comedy sets, and popular broadway shows. One of the biggest stars from the 50s to always visit the city was the king himself, Elvis Pressley. When looking through old pictures of Elvis, you’ll often see him in Vegas! He wasn’t the only star known to always be in Sin City.

#9 These Ladies Were Vegas Stars

006-9-these-ladies-were-vegas-stars-722176Vegas used to be the place to go for all of the biggest celebrities of the time. From right to left are Eva Gabor, Madga, and Zsa. Those names might not be that familiar to you, but at the biggest point in their careers, they frequented the bright city and had shows at the Last Frontier Hotel often.

#8 Pools Were Less Busy

007-8-pools-were-less-busy-722178Vegas is always busy now, and if you’re by the poolside, chances are, so are a lot of other people! But 50 years ago, when Vegas was less busy, so were the swimming pools! One thing that’s the same about these luxurious pools, however, is that people love gambling no matter where they are!

#7 It Wasn’t Always So Bright

008-7-it-wasn-t-always-so-bright-715144Las Vegas is a city that’s never dark! They have massive electric bills due to all the bright signs and light shows. But when everything was smaller 50 years ago, so were the signs! The buildings were also a lot less tall as well, many of them not going past three or four floors! The same can definitely not be said about the hotels today, however!

#6 The Wealthy Frequented

009-6-the-wealthy-frequented-715163If you look at old pictures of Vegas, you’ll often see casinos filled with the rich and famous. While that’s true for people today, it’s definitely more accessible to people of all social classes. With easier transportation and hotel and travel deals, the city welcomes people in every class! Anyone who has gambling money to spend is welcome!

#5 Frank Sinatra Was Popular Too

010-5-frank-sinatra-was-popular-too-722186Just like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra was another famously talented musician who was known for his love of the city of lights! Here, Frank is seen surrounded by beautiful and talented ladies after one of his shows. Frank had many shows of his own, but he also loved enjoying all the fun the city had to offer!

#4 Casinos Had Similar Layouts

011-4-casinos-had-similar-layouts-715337When we look through these old photographs, it appears that a lot has surely changed. But one thing that has not is how the tables look! The games are surely played the same and there are always plenty of people at each station. The only difference in these photographs is the vintage clothing!

#3 Parking Does Not Look Like This Anymore

012-3-parking-does-not-look-like-this-anymo-722188When you’re in Vegas now, there’s no way you’d be able to find parking in front of the hotel like this! The city is full of parking garages, and those hotels that don’t have garages have massive lots, not tiny ones like this! You’ll also never see a parking lot full of vintage cars like this either. Too bad!

#2 This Used To Be One Of The Biggest Hotels In Vegas

013-2-this-used-to-be-one-of-the-biggest-ho-715402Now, when you think of the biggest hotel in Las Vegas, Ceasar’s Palace or even The Mirage might come to mind. But this hotel actually used to be the biggest in Vegas! Pretty funny considering just how tiny it is! There aren’t even any lights on the sign!

#1 Show Girls Look The Same

014-1-show-girls-look-the-same-715457One thing that looks the same from 50 years ago are the showgirls! If you go to Vegas now, you’ll see plenty of pretty ladies running around in tiny costumes and feathered hats! The showgirls and the tables have not changed, but really, those are pretty essential to what makes Vegas so great!

Although a lot has changed since the early days of Vegas, there’s no doubt that a lot of the scenes have stayed true to their origin. Vegas is brighter, bigger, and more alive than it has ever been, and it’s likely that it will only continue to grow.

With such a large area to work with around the casinos, it won’t be surprising to see how big it just might become one day. Although there’s a huge difference between Vegas today and Vegas 60 years ago, just imagine what it will look like in 50 more years!


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